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These Toys for Kids can Help Say Their First Words!

These Toys for Kids can Help Say Their First Words!

Literacy Toys For Kids to help them speak

Early Learning Toys for Kids

As parents, you are probably the very first educator or teacher your child will interact with. The most important factors in teaching your children to learn their first words are going to be your time, dedication, attention, follow-through, and consistency. You can have all the toys for kids in the world, but if you don’t play, speak, read, and spend meaningful, undivided attention with your child, they won’t make progress. These toys for kids act as a tool or means of education but your involvement in teaching your child is what makes their learning process a success!

Points to Consider Before Buying Toys for Kids

Here are some general considerations to bear in mind when picking toys for kids before you start your child’s learning journey. 

  • Battery-Free

There are exceptions to the norm, but you want your children to be able to pronounce the words or make the noises that toys for kids make. You want your child to honk the horn and yell “beeeep!” when playing with a vehicle toy. If a fantastic toy comes with sounds, simply remove the batteries.

  • Open-Ended Toys

Toys for kids that can be used in several ways having no beginning, middle, or end, may be utilized throughout time. This will allow your child to use their imagination in their play and learn process.

open ended educational toys for kids


  • Traditional Toys

Consider what you had when you were a kid: legos, blocks, cars and trucks, the farm, and so on. Keep things basic and traditional while choosing toys for kids.

  • Developmentally Appropriate

When selecting toys for kids, consider your child’s developmental stage. Choose a toy that is more suited for a 6-9 month child if they are two years old but operate like a 6-9-month-old. Select toys for kids that connect to a significant event for your children, such as eating, bathing, and clothing. As kids progress in their development, toys that cater to each aspect of it will help them learn better.

7 Toys for Kids that Can Help Learn Their First Words!

Cognitive and speech development begins at home, and it may be enjoyable as well. These educational toys for kids and word games can help your child develop their vocabulary and encourage them to talk more.

alphabet toys for kids


Lamaze Repeat Petey

Allow the toys for kids to speak for themselves. It is suitable for children aged 6 months and up. This chatty bird echoes what you say back to him (just press his wing to record your voice). Pete’s multi-textured and patterned body engages your baby’s tactile senses, while the interaction helps her develop linguistic abilities

Fisher-Price Magical Lights: Laugh and Learn Fishbowl

A fish out of water situation. As the baby removes and replaces the plastic sea animals, this rocking, talking bowl recites the letters, numbers, and shapes, developing their hand-eye coordination. This is suitable for children aged 6 to 36 months. Help your child recognize the items (starfish, crab, fish) and their colors (red, yellow, orange, blue) to make the experience even more instructive.

Vtech Touch and Teach Word Book

This interactive book responds to your toddler’s touch with words, noises, and music, expanding their vocabulary by over 100 words. It also aids in the development of fine motor skills and the alphabet. It’s a toy for kids that they will enjoy for a long time, with four different modes of play. It is suitable for children aged 18 months and above.

MySparklebox Literacy Kit

Suitable for kids in nursery stage, this kit will set your child to learn their first couple of words! With 7 different engaging activities included in it, this literacy kit contains all the necessary tools to help your child get started on their learning journey. From learning alphabets to matching its phonic sounds to things, this toy for kids has it all!

MySparklebox literacy toys for kids


LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone

These toys for kids have Scout, the imaginary canine buddy on the other end of this toy phone, toddlers practice their conversational skills—hello, how are you, lovely talking to you, goodbye. Suitable for children aged 18 months and above, its 15 activities, which include voicemails and sing-along songs, aid in the development of social skills as well as counting.

Best Learning Mushroom Garden

Encourage them to use their imagination. The vividly colored Mushroom Garden includes four separate modes that help children develop hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, pattern identification, and problem-solving skills (music, colors, numbers, and games). For example, in in-game mode, the mushrooms light up in a succession of patterns that gradually test your child’s memory. The mushrooms become piano keys while in music mode. It is most suitable for children aged 12 months and above.

Zingo Bingo by ThinkFun

Keep your child on the edge of their seat. This game will educate your kid on anything from animals and vehicles to clothes and household language as they learn new terms. Beginners match tiles to pictures on the boards, while older children can practice reading comprehension by matching words on challenge cards rather than photos for the same things. Suitable for children 4 and up.

 animal toys for kids


Final Thoughts

Your kid does not require a plethora of toys! Having too many toys might be detrimental. Too many toys for kids can become quite overwhelming for toddlers. They may wind up jumping from one item to the next, limiting their total play or language learning chances.

Stick to one or two toys for kids at a time. Once they have fully utilised its benefits and learning, move onto the next one! This ensures that your child remains focused without being confused as to what to do first. Moreover, switching toys after a few days also gives your child a variety of toys to play with. To know more about educational toys for kids for all grades and subjects, visit MySparklebox!


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