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Let’s Teach Our Kids The Importance of Family on This International Day of Families.

Let’s Teach Our Kids The Importance of Family on This International Day of Families.

International Day of Families

Table of contents:

  1. What is the International Day of Families?
  2. How to teach your kid the importance of family?
  3. Tips to make this day a family day for kids
  4. Conclusion

What is the International Day of Families?

Founded by the United Nations (UN) in 1994, May 15 is designated to celebrate the International Day of Families to honor the importance of families. Every year, the UN decides on a family-oriented topic that highlights the family’s welfare, such as health, education, gender equality, rights for children, and social inclusion.

International Day of Families

Every parent wants to give their children the best start in their life. A family is the first social unit introduced to a child. The foundation created in a family proves to impact a child’s success in future. The more stable the family atmosphere for a kid, the more likely they will be healthier mentally and physically. We often take our families for granted. What we do is what our children follow. On this day, let us share our feelings with our families and teach our kids why families are important.

How to teach your kid the importance of family?

Children mostly look up to their parents as their role models. What your child does or how he reacts in a given situation is usually a reflection of your thoughts. Therefore, before teaching your child, you must realize the worth of your family. 

Talk About the Importance of Family. 

Talking is the most traditional manner. Though forcing children to sit while you talk about your family history may be boring, introducing your family history into an interesting conversation will kill two birds with one stone. Tell stories about family members’ love, affection, loyalty, and responsibility for one another, as these are the most important values to instill in your child.

Give Importance to Family Gatherings and Events.

To teach your kid the importance of family, you need to value it first. “Actions speak louder than words”. Show your children how you appreciate your family. Give priority to gatherings, events, or any other household activities, even if it means attending a birthday party of your 1-year-old family. It teaches your child to give importance to family meetings, no matter how small it is.

Respect your Elders and Kids

To teach them how to respect others, show them how to give respect and how they can earn respect in return. Leave a trail for him to follow and understand. Treat your elders as well as your kids with respect. For example- when your kid makes a mistake, instead of yelling at him in front of everyone, take him aside and explain his mistake with a low but firm tone. 

Involve Him in Household Chores

While doing the household chores, strike up a conversation with him. Tell him the reason behind the work he is assigned and how it helps us stay connected as a family. Do this, especially when you have a family event or gathering.

For example – Ask him to help you decorate the Christmas tree or to help you buy the groceries for the upcoming family dinner. It will give him something to relish on, a hard option to say no to.

International Day of Families

Focus on Minor Details of Family

Children are keen observers and quick learners. They notice how we behave or react in any situation and learn from us to behave similarly. We can utilize this positively. When we give importance to small details of our family, children learn to do that too. We can start by marking family members’ birthday dates on calendars and then wishing them or visiting any sick family members to spend some time with them.

Physical Display of Affection

Physical touch is a powerful way of displaying love and communication. Sometimes, a warm and cosy hug is all your child needs to reassure him that you love him and are there for him.

International Day of Families

Tips to Make this Day a Family Day for Kids:

There shouldn’t be only a single day where you appreciate your family. With the growing hustle and bustle, a family should at least take out one day from their lives to sit and share their thoughts on important matters concerning the family unit as a whole. It could be an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones and make it a fun-loving family day for kids.

 Plant a Family Garden 

Enjoy a day outside in the sun and plant a family garden. Encourage your family to bond together by digging a patch to plant flowers or vegetables in the backyard. Teach your children how to create, nurture and sustain life, a precious thing for all kids to learn. They will enjoy getting their hands’ dirty while also learning to be patient. It is never too late to teach your children the joys of creating a beautiful garden or how to grow their food.

Backyard Camping

Another great way to get the entire family outdoors is to plan a fun night camping in the backyard. While vacations are always a good bonding experience, it would be a new exciting experience for your children to camp in their backyard. It would help if you had a tent, blankets, pillows, and snacks, and you are good to go.

Making a Family Tree

It is the best way to introduce your kids to all the family members. Get a chart, small-sized photos of all the family members, even those no longer in this world, glue and sketch pens. You can outline the family tree and ask your child to paste the pictures accordingly. 

International Day of Families

Making a Dessert

We all feel any celebration day is incomplete without a dessert. Grab this opportunity and make it an activity for all your family members. You can let the elders do the complex tasks, whereas the kids can take part in more manageable tasks like mixing or decorating the dessert. Singing family songs like “We Are Family Together” might make the game more entertaining.

Play Guess Who

One of the entertaining games for a family is to play guess who. Write the names of all the family members in this and put them in a bowl. Let each family member pick a chit and act as the person who appears in the chit, with the rest of the family guessing who it is. Let your kids start first. Pat their backs when they act or when they guess the person. Indeed it is a fantastic way to strengthen the bonds in your family.


Family is the first social unit which teaches a child about relationships, love, care and loyalty. The environment we as a family give our child holds power and grooms him to be either a respectable family man or an aloof anti-social man. This blog aims to help you groom your child and make him value his family.

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