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14 Math Puzzles for Kids to Stimulate Their Brains

14 Math Puzzles for Kids to Stimulate Their Brains

math puzzles for kids to Stimulate Their Brains

Math Puzzles for Kids Make It Easy and Fun!

Fun and engaging math puzzles for kids are one of the most remarkable ways to help students to think critically, and it also plays an important role in developing their problem-solving skills. Solving math puzzles help children in enhancing their learning abilities. It also helps them in solving more challenging and complex problems.  

If you are looking for a collection of super funny and challenging math puzzles for kids, then this list of puzzles will help you in reducing their math brain drain during the holidays.

14 Math Puzzles for Kids to Solve at Home

1. Math Crossword Puzzles

Math crossword puzzles are designed to help children understand concepts like money, addition, or round numbers. Their solution can either be the product of the equation or it’s a number that is given by clues. In these math puzzles for kids, instead of words, kids use numbers to complete the vertical and horizontal stripes.  

2. Math Riddles

If your toddler loves solving word problems then try giving them some math riddles that are a combination of critical thinking and basic maths skills. Riddles help your child in their cognitive development urging them to find the problem in not-so-usual ways.

3. Math problem search

If you want your child to practice and promote a solid understanding of basic math fundamentals then math problem search is the best option! It is a word-search type of puzzle for math with math problems hidden in the grid instead of words.

solving Math Puzzles for Kids

4. Pre-algebraic puzzles

Pre-algebraic puzzles are designed to encourage students to build their problem-solving skills. Generally, math puzzles for kids promote abstract reasoning and challenge students to think critically about the problems in front of them. 

5. KenKen math puzzles for kids

Kenken is a “grid-based numerical puzzle” that was invented in 2004 by a famous Japanese math instructor named Tetsuya Miyamoto. The main aim of this game is to challenge students to practice their basic math skills while they apply logic and critical thinking skills to solve the problem.

6. Prodigy

Prodigy is a free, game-based math platform that every student would love while improving their math skills. It uses many of the same principles as other math puzzles that is to develop critical thinking skills and mathematical fluency in children.

Math Puzzles for Kids encourage problem solving skills

7. 2048

It is an online game that challenges players to reach 2048 by sliding numbers around a grid. It is one of the highly addictive games because it is not as easy as it sounds. This game encourages children to think strategically about their next move, and it is one of the great games for learning exponents.

8. Magic square

A magic square is one of the ancient games that have been around for thousands of years. If your child is a tactile learner then you can think of a magic square. Make use of bottle caps and label each cap with a number from one to nine. After doing this, you can ask your child to arrange those numbers in three by three squares in such a way that the sum of any three numbers equals 15.  This game comes in a variety of sizes but the three-by-three grids are the smallest and the most accessible version for beginners.

9. Sudoku 

Sudoku is one of the most classical math puzzles that encourages logical thinking and problem-solving abilities among students. It is one of the best puzzle games. This usually appears in newspapers around the world every day. You can also play this game online based on your level of difficulty.

10. Domino puzzle board

This is another math puzzle that gives students a chance to practice addition and multiplication in a fun way. There are hundreds of domino puzzle games available online. Your kid can either work alone or ask their friends and family members to be other participants for completing these puzzles.

child worrying over Math Puzzles for Kids

11. Perimeter magic triangle

This game is quite similar to a magic square, but the only difference is that you have to ask your child to arrange the numbers from one to six in a triangle where all three sides are equal to the same number. As this math puzzle may have multiple solutions, you should always encourage your child to find as many as they can.

12. Join the dots

It is a type of math puzzle for kids that requires “out of the box thinking”. The main aim of this puzzle for students is that it challenges your child to connect all the dots in a three by three grid using only four straight lines.

13. Flexagons

If you want to enhance the geometrical skills of your child then challenge them to create flexagons. Generally, flexagons are paper-folded objects that can be transformed into different shapes through pinching and folding, focussing on the wonders of geometry.

14. Brainteasers

Brain teasers don’t deal directly with math but it is one of the important tools in developing critical thinking skills among your child. This game challenges children to explain their thinking and search for answers to twisted questions.


example of Math Puzzles for Kids

Math puzzles for kids are one of the best ways to encourage student engagement. Puzzles like brain teasers, riddles help students in developing their problem-solving and logical thinking skills. One of the important skills to gain in life is critical thinking and these math puzzles always encourage such higher-order thinking skills. 

Happy puzzling!

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