Now Focus Only at Work While Your Kids Perform These 7 Fun Activities
These Activities Will Keep Kids Busy While You Work from Home!

These Activities Will Keep Kids Busy While You Work from Home!

keeping kids busy and entertained while parents work from home

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Handling children while working is one of the most complicated situations every parent is going through in the ongoing pandemic. If you are also working from home and have toddlers running around the house, it might be getting difficult for you to maintain a work-life balance. If they can be engaged in some fun activities your life will become much easier!

Whether you are on phone attending calls, giving a presentation on a zoom meeting, writing an email, or working on a report, having kids around your home office sometimes gets tricky and If you are unable to do so, then here is a list of  7 fun activities that can keep your toddler busy while you work peacefully!

7 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy

Buy building blocks

During this time, a parent needs to look for those toys that keep your child entertained and educated as well. You can think of buying Legos, and blocks. These types of toys will not only keep your toddlers busy while working from home but it will also enhance your child’s motor skills, spatial skills and make them learn about hand-eye coordination.

 building blocks fun activities for kids


Make the best use of technology

If you want to keep toddlers busy while you attend an important work call for a lengthy period of time then the use of educational apps and websites can be extremely helpful! These websites not only make your child busy, but it will also allow your child to become more creative as well. You can also think of a Disney movie that your child likes the most thus making you work without any disturbance.

Sort it out

It is one of the perfect indoor fun activities to keep your toddler busy during working hours. Take a plastic box or a bowl and fill it with rice, lentils, peas and beans. Have your child sort each of the items in different small containers. This is a fun activity for kids that won’t just keep them busy for longer hours but also help in their cognitive development as they sort and classify objects that vary in shape, size and colour. It is the most inexpensive indoor activity that your child would love to do!

Design a race track

Design a race track using tapes on the floor, and give your kids a set of cars so that they can play quietly with it on the tape track, thus keeping them engaged in a fun activity. In case you don’t have as many cars, you can give them small containers which they can roll on the tracks and see which one wins the race!

 kids playing with toy cars a fun activity


Make them better listeners with audiobooks

When it comes to reading stories, audiobooks provide a great way to keep your child entertained. It is a fun activity to try at home while you work. Audio Books provide short stories in an audio format to children helping them become good listeners and adapt a well structured focus.  Make them listen to their favourite stories that can entertain and educate them for hours. 

Scavenger hunt

Create an indoor scavenger hunt environment and ask your kids to collect objects that start with all the letters in the alphabet. This will give them a chance to recall their alphabets while making them little detectives!

Have some art time

Most of the children are attracted to colors. Thus, you can also give your child a simple coloring book with jumbo crayons. You can also plan for some watercolor fun activities. Although it seems messy, by introducing them to the world of colors you will offer them a space to explore their creativity and imagination! Bonus? You  can work seamlessly while your kids try to turn into little Piccasso’s. 

kid coloring and painting as a fun activity



When it becomes difficult to handle your child’s changing moods during work hours then you should arrange for kids fun activities like these to keep them busy while they have fun too! Work from home might not go away tomorrow but your child is growing fast everyday and it’s important to take account of their developmental milestones. 

These 7 fun activities aid your toddler’s fine motor skills, cognitive development and spatial abilities which are crucial stages of development for kids in their early years.  So, pick any or pick all of these activities to keep your child busy, entertained and educated all at the same time!


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