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How Educational Toys for Kids Influence Their Life

How Educational Toys for Kids Influence Their Life

Educational Toys
educational toys for kids to boost development


Toys. Our first instinct and understanding of the word ‘toy’ is a tool or an instrument that is meant to be played with by young kids. And so, when we want our kids to engage themselves in some kind of activity, we generally give them toys to ‘play’ with. Little do we know that these toys actually have a larger role to play in a child’s life and eventually take the shape of educational toys for kids. 

Right from the beginning, we surround our kids with all kinds of toys! Big, small, soft, hard, quiet, noisy, all according to their age and stage of development. However, the hidden educational benefits of these toys often go unrecognized. With each year, kids develop a new skill and are eager to learn something new! With the right educational toys for kids, they can not only brush up their skills but also have a lot of fun while learning!

Importance of Age-appropriate Educational Toys for Kids 

To understand how educational toys for kids play an important role in the development of their fine and gross motor skills, let us divide their developmental stages into three different categories:

age appropriate educational toys for kids
  • 0-2 years – Infancy is a very sensitive time for every child. One of the major developmental milestones achieved by infants is that of the senses. Listening, watching, small body movements, etc. are areas in which kids need to develop their skills. Educational toys for kids best suited for this age group can help infants not only develop but apply their skills learned during this period! Toys that offer exposure to various sounds, bright colours, objects, etc. are some of the best ways to engage them in play and set their learning curve in a playful manner!
  • 2-5 years – This is a stage in which children fall under the bracket of structured learning. They start going to kindergarten and primary schools, being involved in learning the basics of almost all subjects. The alphabets, colours, numbers, oratory skills, etc. are strong foundations of education which require regular practice and real-life application. What better way to do it than by educational toys for kids! A lot of educational toys curated for this age group have activities and tools helping in the understanding of the basics. Being able to relate the classroom teaching with real-life tangible objects is something that goes a long way in their learning process. 
blocks educational toys for kids
  • 5-9 years – This is the age bracket in which kids start observing their environment and have a lot of “why” “how” “what” “who” to ask! They simply begin to understand the logic and reason behind the very existence of everything around them and their curious nature simply wants to explore more about all of it! Educational toys for kids that help them apply the knowledge they gain in and outside of the classroom are a great way to push their learning boundaries! 

How Educational Toys for Kids Help in Career Choices

Say, your 6-year old toddler learnt about the body parts in his or her science class today in school. Although they are thorough with the names of the body parts, they are still very curious to hear the heartbeat in the sound of “lub-dub”. You decide to find a doctor set for your kid which has a lot of medical tools right from a stethoscope to a scalpel! Wouldn’t it be wonderful for your little tot to play doctor-doctor with you and get to experience a real-life scenario of how the heart beats, which instrument is used for it and how to use a stethoscope! Practical educational toys for kids can teach them so much so fast and in the simplest way possible – play!

doctor set educational toys for kids


Toys are more than just toys. They encourage curiosity and open up opportunities for your child to be creative, involved and more focused. Children’s educational toys are designed in a way to boost problem solving skills, critical thinking and enhance their cognitive development. Even a simple teddy bear helps children be more affectionate and socialize! In fact, some research indicates that educational toys for kids can also have an impact in their choice of career in the future! Who knows your little one operating on his favourite soft toy might end up being a surgeon or their beloved kitchen set may encourage him or her to become a chef someday! 

dinosaur educational toys for kids

Our childhood has a lot of impact on our adult life and life choices. And to bank upon the positives, educational toys for kids can be not just your kids’ but also your best friend in setting the learning path of your little one just right. Having said that, no child should be pressured into playing with a certain toy. The first step towards introducing your kid to an educational toy should be to learn about their interests and hobbies. Which type of activity does your child love to play and which one makes him or her uninterested? Observing the likes and dislikes of your little one can help you choose the right kids educational toys online and have fun together! 

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