Learn How One Craft Kit Gives Endless Possibilities for Creativity
What’s Inside a Beginner’s Craft Kit for Kids?

What’s Inside a Beginner’s Craft Kit for Kids?

craft kit for children to explore their creativity

Getting Creative with Crafts Kit

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As children grow up, they go through many phases. From the time they are born until about age 10, creativity is a key factor in what makes them happy. This can be seen in their drawings and art projects. One way to keep this creative side of children alive is to provide them with a fun art and craft kit that will allow them to get creative at home or on the go! 

What Should Be in a Kids Craft Kit?

Coloring set: These are an inexpensive option to explore one’s creative abilities as your child can color in a variety of ways – from using crayons to markers. Colouring helps develop fine motor skills in young kids especially when they are just starting out to hold and grasp objects.

craft kit contains colouring set


Construction paper: This is great for creativity because it’s so easy to cut into shapes and create new ones or you can use different colors to make patterns. This DIY craft item also helps children to create something entirely new from scratch using their imagination.

Popsicle sticks: There are infinite craft activities kids can perform with popsicle sticks. For example, they can make cute crafts like birds by gluing on wings or making tiny houses out of popsicle sticks and attaching them to string so it hangs from the ceiling. 

Paintbrush:  A craft kit usually contains paintbrushes in different sizes. The painting also provides an opportunity to explore, color and shape relationships which helps with creative skills, problem solving and motor skills.

Glue or glue sticks: No craft kit is complete without glue. These are perfect for holding paper together, but they also promote creativity. When you have glue and paper to work with, it makes the process of creating new things much more fun for children because there are so many different things that can be done using glue. 

Scissors: To be able to mould and shape things with their own hands is something that every child loves. Scissors provide them with a sense of power which they can use to cut and shape paper into anything they want. A craft kit for kids contains such a scissor which is safe for children to use. 

kid using scissor from craft kit


Paints: Paint has always been a popular element of any craft kit because it’s enjoyable and easy to use. You could have different colors or textures of paint so kids can choose what they want without feeling limited. So when kids get to paint they learn that creativity can also come from choosing colors and deciding how to use the paints in different ways. The choice of colours, it’s shade have a deep impact on the result of the art your child wants to create. 

Glitter: What’s life without a little shimmer? When kids get to use glitter they learn that creativity comes in many forms and not all of them have to be physical. 

Stickers: Some craft kits contain stickers while some don’t. Stickers are another great way for kids to express their creativity. Thinking which sticker would be best suited for their art is also a valuable decision that adds to their artistic abilities.

stickers in a craft kit


Paper: This is the main ingredient for craft activities for kids and every craft kit has it in abundance. These may come in a large variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. 

Cotton balls: Almost every art and craft kit contains cotton balls! These are great for creating snowflakes that kids love during winter holidays. You could even use them with glue to create fun shapes that a child could use to decorate their craft. 

Straws: Straws are great for making fun crafts that don’t need too much creativity but still look cool. Kids love to make things that spin and move, so straw crafts are great for this.

String: String is useful because it’s an all-purpose material, so kids can use it for many different kinds of projects like making shapes, tying things together or attaching multiple materials. They can hang their little birdhouse with it or smear paint with it on greeting cards!

One Craft Kit, Many Possibilities!

You don’t need to hop from one stationery shop to another to look for all these materials. You can find them all and more in just one craft kit! MySparklebox Art and Craft Kit contains all craft materials that your child would need according to their age. 

art and craft kit by MySparklebox


With just 1 craft kit, your child can create and innovate multiple craft items from the comfort of home! Give your child this craft kit to help them explore infinite possibilities of creativity and skill development with arts and crafts!


Students are always looking for a new craft kit to try out. Why not give them the opportunity with one of these beginner craft kits? These projects will help instill creativity in your child and provide hours of fun! Art and crafts are the perfect alternative for playing games on the phone. Apart from reducing screen time, it also gives children their own little space to explore their imagination, judgement-free! 


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