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10 Must-Have Art Kits for Beginners

10 Must-Have Art Kits for Beginners

10 best art kits for children

What are Art Kits?

Art kits are a must-have for any beginning artist. They include the necessary materials to get started and typically come with instructions on how to use them, so it’s perfect for beginners! These kits can be a great way to save money on supplies in the future, and they also offer a variety of different materials so you don’t have to buy everything separately.

Top 10 Art Kits for Beginners

Artist’s Toolbox Art Set 

This set comes with everything you need to start painting and drawing! It includes pastel colors that are soft enough for any age group as well as a wide variety of other materials like pencils, brushes, different types of paper (watercolor and sketch), sharpener, eraser, and more. The best part? You can also make your own creations using this pack since it has basic instructions on how to use each item included–and the projects are fun too!

MySparklebox Art Kits 

This one art kit can give your child the opportunity to indulge in more than 10 different activities. This means that they will have multiple different kinds of creative experiences with all the supplies stored in just one box! It comes with a manual containing step by step instruction to perform all the art and crafts activities and is safe and suitable for children in grade 1 and above. 

art kits for children by MySparklebox


Art Easel 

This is the perfect art kit to start your hobby because it has everything you need in one spot. It’s made of natural wood and comes complete with a paper roll holder, storage slots on the side (for extra pens or pencils), an adjustable height from 27″-37″, three sturdy legs that can be easily moved around, and more!

Sketching Kit 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one set that could do anything when it came to art? Well… here you go! This kit has a sketch pad, pencils, pens, and brushes–plus an eraser for mistakes. Now your kids can sketch stress-free and explore their abilities!

child sketching and colouring with art kits


Creative Palette Kit 

The best thing about these art kits is that it comes with everything you need to get started on your painting journey (and more in case you ever run out). It’s got all the basics – like paint wipes and sponges from size 0-20 so go ahead and pick up some acrylic paints too–you’re going to find yourself never wanting anything else again.

Art Supplies Set 

These art kits supply sets will be perfect whether you are just getting into drawing or if you want something new to work with. They come complete with paper of different sizes, pencils (with erasers!), watercolor paint tubes, and brushes.

Artist Starter Kit 

This art kit’s starter set is perfect for any artist, beginner, or experienced. The pack comes with a 12-inch x 16-inches sketch pad, 24 sheets of paper in two different types (12 blank and 12 pre-printed), three medium-sized charcoal sticks as well as large and small adjustable round holders to fit the needs of every artist!

art kits containing art supplies for kids


Crayola Super Pack 

With the super pack, you can choose from a wide range of colors and tools to get your creativity flowing. Your little one will be able to create colorful drawings with markers or design original masterpieces with pencils. The set includes 24 watercolor paints in individual pans (18 primaries plus three secondaries), two pairs of scissors, one 12-pack of crayons, four colored pencils, eight drawing pencils, and 20 sheets of paper!

Etch A Sketch Artist’s Edition

If you’re looking to get your kids into drawing, the Etch a sketch artist edition is perfect. This art set comes with everything necessary including two styluses and one original etch-a-sketch! The screen is designed with a mirror finish which will allow your illustrations to show through.

Mr. Sketch Silly Doodles 

This would make an excellent gift – who doesn’t want their walls filled with silly doodles? You get four markers (black and white) plus eight sheets of sketch pad paper, perfect for kids aged four years old and up. Get creative!


Benefits of Art Kits for beginners

Following are the important benefits of art kits for beginners:

  1. Art kits for kids are a great way to get your child interested in art! Art sets can be used at home or in the classroom as it is easy to carry all art supplies in one box.
  2. Children are more likely to enjoy their creativity if they have the right type of materials, such as coloring books and markers with different colors.
  3. Many children will spend hours drawing pictures when given an ample supply of crayons, pencils, brushes, and paints. These sets also come with instructions on how to use them so that you don’t need any prior knowledge about art before getting started.


If your child has just begun to love the play of colours then it’s probably the best time to introduce them to art kits! We’ve compiled the top 10 art kits for beginners that will help get your child’s creative juices flowing and how!  Your child may be interested in one of the art kits’ higher level products as well if they want to explore their artistic side!

Happy colouring!


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