Best Indoor Activities for Kids
The Best Indoor Activities That Can Make Your Kid Occupied

The Best Indoor Activities That Can Make Your Kid Occupied

Indoor Activities


Indoor Activities for toddlers can be tricky to execute. But these activities turn out to be saviours when we have to make everyone happy during wet, icy, or cold weather. So here is a list of fun indoor activities that you can do with the kids. These all activities will help you to make your kids happy. Choose the right one for all your family and notice the difference. For example, you may choose indoor activities such as making something or watching something and many more.

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Never force kids to participate in these. Instead, leave an idea to them casually. Setting it and forcing it on them makes these indoor activities rigid and boring. Today in this blog, we will share some interesting Indoor activities.

Indoor Activities For Kids

Given below are some interesting and fun indoor activities for kids-

Making Tie-Dye-T-Shirts

There are a variety of arts and crafts activities that you can do with your toddlers at home. Why not do experiments with some colours and make tie-dye-t-shirts. Toddlers love arts and crafts. This fun indoor activity will help them to enhance their creativity skills. And they will be able to create a design that they can proudly show off to their friends.

Making Some Bath Bombs 

Take the bath-time of your toddlers to the next level. You may help your kids in making the bath bomb from scratch. Children love to splash colourful water. At the same time, elders love to relax with scented oils on stressful days.

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Making Rainbow Crafts

Toddlers adore colourful and catching rainbows. Parents should set up the craft station and focus on enhancing their creative skills. This indoor activity needs colour cards.

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Making a Lava Map

Brighten up the gloomy day with your toddlers by making lava lamps. These lava lamps are easy and cheap to do. For preparing these lamps, you may easily find out the ingredients in the kitchen. Lava Lamps are a great sensory stimulus for toddlers. It also displays to the older kids the science behind cool chemical reactions.

Making Scrunches

Older girls generally like learning how to make scrunches at home. It helps them not to spend their time but to enhance their creativity. To prepare scrunches, we need old pattern fabrics. Allow your kids to follow the instructions mentioned in the video. Parents may also encourage their children to add their customization.

Plan A Treasure Hunt

Toddlers cannot resist a scavenger hunt. Parents can plant little dime-store jewels and treasures in the garden. They may then draw up a map for the toddlers. They may even hide the map in the house and let kids find it to add more fun.

Family Dinner

Parents may try sharing their cooking passion with their toddlers. It may help them build their kids’ interest in cooking and spend more time in the kitchen. Parents can keep it safe and simple, which is more comfortable for them. For Example- You may include activities such as peeling, stirring, etc. Or my plan for toddler-friendly recipes.

Making A Pen Pot

Parents may add a little organization to their toddler’s table using pen pots. You may create this with your toddlers using a plastic bottle. It is a great option to hold stationery items. It is an ideal way to make your toddler busy for an afternoon.

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Making A Mug Cake

Toddlers love chocolates, and preparing this with them is a treat for their belly. Preparing a mug cake with your toddlers is the best activity you can do. It is easy to perform and just ready in a few minutes.

Making Painting Masterpieces

Parents should encourage their toddlers to be creative and imaginative. Allow your kids to create some mess during part of these indoor activities. Poster paints are perfect to start with this activity. While doing this, make sure to put a jar of water beside you. It will ease the work of toddlers while they want to clean their paintbrushes. If your toddlers are too young, finger painting is the best option.

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Stage A Talent Show

Parents should try to give opportunities to their kids to showcase their talent. They may arrange a talent show for their kids in the living room. Read a talent book together with your kids. Try to inspire your kids to try new things and shine out in the show.

Check Out The Stars

Parents can do this fun activity with their kids. For this indoor activity, they have to download the star chart from the internet. Then choose a perfect spot in your yard that affords a clear view of the sky. Another advantage of doing this activity is getting fresh air before your kid goes to bed.

Do Magic Tricks

Every toddler loves and enjoys the magic. It is the best activity that refreshes the mind of the whole family. Parents may teach their elder toddlers some of the magic tricks. For unique indoor activities, look for magic tricks on youtube.

Have A Taste Test

In this activity, parents have to choose a cuisine for their kids. The cuisine can be the one they are fond of or haven’t tried yet. For Example- Italian, Chinese, Thai, etc. Now, you have to find a country on a map and read about the country’s culture. Then make a signature dish for that particular culture.

Collect Leaves For Artwork

Take a walk in your backyard or garden and collect the fallen leaves with your kids. After collecting them, lay them on paper and rub the crayon. You may also use these leaves as stamps by painting them.

Importance Of Indoor Activities

Given below are the benefits of indoor activities for toddlers-

  1. These activities help to enhance creative skills.
  2. Provide holistic development to the kid’s mind.
  3. Enhance the motor skills of the toddlers.
  4. Help parents to make their kids more active.


Indoor activities do not always refer to sitting at home, reading books, or watching TV. Parents may change the perception of their children for these activities by making them interesting and fun for them. We hope that the activities mentioned above will help the parents to do so. Not only have these activities also led to the holistic development of toddlers. So, try these fun indoor activities at home and see the change.

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