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7 Tips to Improve your Spoken English

7 Tips to Improve your Spoken English

improving spoken english tips for children

Improving Spoken English in Kids

To be able to read and write in English fluently is different from having good spoken English skills. The only common medium between people belonging to different states, countries, or continents is English. Be it a trip with your family in some other state or country or an elocution competition at school, spoken English should be strong enough to communicate your ideas and thoughts well. Hence, the importance of gaining spoken English skill is beyond imagination. 

Whether you are a student or a professional, a home-maker or a businessman, your spoken English communication skill will help in your growth. It is a known fact that spoken English plays a big role in the corporate world, especially in India. Despite having a lot of skills, spoken English and being able to communicate properly can elevate your path in your career growth.

Tried and Proven Methods to Enhance your Spoken English Skills

  • Find a Conversation Partner: If you have any family member or friends who are good at spoken english then you can practice with them. If you don’t know anyone in your direct network, consider finding a tutor. Otherwise, you can always find someone online to digitally connect with and practice your conversation skills.
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  • Make Sure To Listen As Well As Speak: One of the best ways to understand the formulation of sentences and build your vocabulary is to listen to people speak. Try listening to podcasts and recorded conversations in spoken english. From YouTube to real-life conversations, there are so many places to access spoken English skills. Talking to other people will increase your interest in the English language as well.
  • Record Your Conversation Practice: When it comes to speaking, you will likely make mistakes. But you have to be open to making mistakes so that you can learn from them. If you record yourself speaking with your conversation partner, you can play it back and learn even better. That way, you can track your progress and pick up on pronunciation.
  • Surround Yourself With The English Language: English is everywhere. No matter where you live, you can find menus, marketing materials, books, movies, road signs, and more with the English language. The more you immerse yourself and pay attention to these daily pieces of English, the stronger your foundation for spoken English will be.
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  • Practice with Music and Movies: Most people like to relax and unwind with some music or entertainment in the form of movies. You can choose to watch movies in English, or instead, watch them in your native language with English subtitles that you can read.
  • Read Aloud: If you like to read than speak and make up your own conversation, try reading out loud. That way, you can hear yourself pronounce the words and remember them more because you are both seeing and reading them. Books are a great way you can get help to improve your English. Storytelling to your friends and family can help you too. This will also unleash your creativity and help you be smarter.
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  • Talk To Yourself: If you’re still unsure whether you’re ready to put your speaking skills to the test, simply talk to yourself! The more you practice with yourself, the better your spoken English skills will become.

Why Should You Improve Your Spoken English?

  1. English is one of the most widely spoken languages throughout the world. People from different countries communicate with each other using English. 60 countries have English as their official language and adopted as a second language in many more countries. In total around 1.5 billion people use spoken English to communicate with others.
  1. Knowing good English will open more opportunities for you and make you bilingual and more employable in every country in the world.
  1. English is the language of science and the language of business. If you want to excel in your path of growth, you have to know English well.
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  1. English has a simple alphabet and compared to some languages, it can be learned fairly quickly.
  1. Knowing spoken English will make you aware of the current affairs of the world and increase the standard of living. Because English is the language of the media industry and you will excel through books, films, TV shows if you know English.
  1. Knowing English also helps you use technology in a proper way, perform your tasks easily and improve your life.
  1. Learn English and feel free to attend any international conference or events. Major sporting events and international conferences are held in spoken English and competitors or commentators will speak in English, so learning it will be an enormous benefit to you.

Your Takeaway

English is an important language you should try to master. In this article we have discussed many ways to help you learn and improve your English skills. It will help you improve your public speaking skills, elocution and recitation skills. 

As you progress in improving your spoken English, you will notice a considerable difference in the confidence with which you speak. It can also help you speak clearly and confidently in other languages that you know.  


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