Tips To Get Your Child’s IQ Level Running Super Fast
Raising the Next Einstein: Simple Strategies to Increase Your Child’s IQ Level

Raising the Next Einstein: Simple Strategies to Increase Your Child’s IQ Level

ways to increase the IQ level of your child

Determinants of a Child’s IQ

Einstein is believed to have had an IQ level of 160! The idea of raising a child to become the next Einstein has captured many parents’ imaginations. But what does it take to do so? Parents can take a proactive approach to their child’s schoolwork and cognitive development from an early age to ensure they’re on track for future success. Research suggests that when parents are more involved in their child’s education at home, teachers report better behaviour and higher academic achievement and IQ level among students. 

Experts often suggest that parents play a larger role in their child’s learning experience through more frequent communication with the child’s teacher, reviewing appropriate educational material at home and attending school events. 

A child’s intelligence is genetically predetermined. However, several factors can affect the child’s IQ level and contribute to their ultimate success or failure in life. The child’s IQ level may be compromised by birth defects, medical conditions during pregnancy and even the environment in which they grow up.

5 Child Development Strategies to Increase Your Child’s IQ Level

It is a widely-known fact that the children of today are brighter than ever before. With more advanced technology and information at their fingertips, they have an easier time deciphering complex questions. But just because it comes easier doesn’t mean you don’t need to work hard! The key to raising your child’s IQ level is by developing brain cells through cognitive exercises, such as reading books with difficult words or puzzles for kids. Doing this will help them learn faster and increase their intelligence in all aspects of life.

Raising the next Einstein is no easy task. However, here are 5 simple child development strategies for raising your child’s IQ level. 

Talk to Your Child

“Every child has the brainpower to become an Einstein or a Mozart,” says Dr. Ruth Chabay, author of The Genius Factor. Talking to your child nurtures a child’s language skills and cognitive thinking. Even if it is just saying “hi” or talking about how they played in school that day, it is still important for parents to converse with their children. 

Early child development experts have recognized the importance of talking to your child as one of the most important child development strategies for raising your child’s IQ level. By talking to your child, you are developing their ability to communicate through language and speech – two of the most vital skills needed.

parent child talking to increase IQ level


When you talk to your child, they have the opportunity to hear a range of sounds and words that can influence their language development, creativity and problem-solving skills. The child gains confidence by hearing themself speak and responds to what is being said.

Challenge Their Memory

According to child development expert, Dr Richard Allsopp, there is a reason why Einstein said that the only thing he could do as a child was memorizing things. Challenging your child’s memory can be as simple as asking them to name the months in order. Then revise it periodically so they remember new information with less difficulty. The child can then move on to more challenging facts, such as days of the week and the countries in the world. This will prepare them for a child’s memory games that will not only increase their IQ level but also boost their creativity and language skills.

Board games and puzzles are extensive in their complexity so every time a child plays these kinds of board games, it is an opportunity for the child to learn. The child’s intelligence quotient (IQ) may not reach as high as 160, but these child IQ games will develop child concentration and memory skills that they can use in other areas of their lives.

kids playing board games to increase IQ level


Let Them Solve Problems

Every child needs to have problem-solving skills. These skills can be developed from a child’s early stage of development. Experts say that a child’s IQ level can be enhanced by letting them solve their problems. This will not only improve your child’s problem-solving skills but also enhance concentration and memory power. If you let your child solve the problems, they will have a much higher level of problem-solving skills. Be it a math sum or not finding the TV remote, it will help them grow a high IQ level.

Read ‘With’ Them, Not ‘To’ Them

Reading with your child is a great way to enhance creativity. It also improves child concentration and language. So, while reading, the child is engaged in an activity where their mind is completely focused on it. This will help them develop creativity and problem-solving skills, which are essential for increasing IQ level. Just make sure that the child reads a passage or a story together with you and you should not read it to them.

parent reading book with children


Praise Their Efforts and Actions

There are many instances where we as parents get frustrated when our child does not do what we want them to do. Or, when they make the same mistakes over and over again. Instead of getting angry and harsh with your child, you can praise them for even trying to do things on their own. Praising their efforts and actions is the best way of improving their self-esteem and confidence.


The child’s IQ level is something that you need to address with your child. You must spend time having fun with your child and playing games together. You will notice a difference in your child’s performance in school when they are happy at home. 

Raising the next Einstein does not have to be an uphill battle. You can help your child grow their IQ level by making small changes in how you interact with them daily. With some simple tweaks, you will see improvements in cognitive development and academic achievement–all while enjoying more time together as a family!


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