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Why Art Education Matters in Child Development

Why Art Education Matters in Child Development

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During early childhood days, the socio-emotional and cognitive capabilities are heightened in a child. Developmentally appropriate programs and activities which are designed for full and “all sided” development can work like wonders in developing creativity in them.

The benefits of art education are universal and researchers have identified some of its key returns when included as an educational feature during the early years. Here are four reasons the Arts are important.

4 Reasons To Teach Art Education to Your Kids

1) Art develops child’s motor skills: Using a paint brush or shaping modelling clay develop gross and fine motor dexterity and control (Fox, 2008).

2) Art helps children to appreciate numeracy: “Art is not only about emotion, color or aesthetics, but also about patterns and problem solving” (Reyner, 2008). This helps children to better understand the concepts surrounding numeracy.

3) Art builds self-esteem by giving them the autonomy to express themselves. It provides a completely separate medium altogether from speaking & writing. There’s no patterns, boundaries, limitations and set rules of expression and margins to accomplish or standards to reach. So generally there is no fear of judgement .It gives complete freedom of expression.

Art education helps kids become creative and confident

4) Art builds the creative side of the brain: There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence that proves art enhances brain function. It has an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels. Art can change a child’s outlook and the way they experience the world. Art helps to think, process and implement thoughts. It helps to analyze, understand, ideate and create. It also helps to build and understand the sense of colors ,nature and materials.


The incorporation of Art education in early childhood has many benefits, and children’s involvement in Arts-infused programs and activities will develop their cognitive, creative, social and emotional skills, playing a large part in their optimal development.

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