How Blowing Bubbles Affect Your Kid’s Brain Development?
How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid’s Brain Development?

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid’s Brain Development?

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid's Brain Development?

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  2. How can you make bubbles at home
  3. How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid’s Brain development?
  4. Conclusion


Have you ever seen your child’s face light up when you blow bubbles on him? Have you ever wondered why your toddler is so enthralled by these flimsy light bubbles? Isn’t it just a combination of water and soap that forms a bubble when you blow through the blowing wand and poof? It just bursts! What exactly is it about it that draws him in? 

Well! Blowing and poking bubbles is a fascinating yet easy activity that every person must have experienced at some point during their childhood. Blowing bubbles, then following the route of the bubbles, attempting to reach it out before they sink, and finally, attempting to poke and burst them, all contribute to the development of different areas of the child’s brain. 

Keep reading this blog to learn not just how to make these bubbles at home but also why they’re so appealing to children and whether they have any impact on their brain development.

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid's Brain development?

How to Make Bubbles at Home?

Today, with ever-evolving technologies and everything at our fingertips, it’s practically possible to make anything at home with simple, household items. And if you get stuck, don’t worry; YouTube has solutions to almost all of our problems. Here are some simple ways to make bubbles at home using common household items.

Bubbles with Dish Soap:

Who doesn’t have dish soap in their homes? And some sugar? Well, I assume that everyone does. So here is what we do. Combine half a cup of dish soap with one and a half cups of water and two tablespoons of sugar. Then, gently swirl the mixture to avoid any bubbles. Then you go out and have some fun while blowing bubbles! Isn’t it the easiest way to make your child smile? You can also ask your kid to help you add the water or sugar to get him involved in the process.

Bubbles with Shampoo or Body Wash:

This technique is similar to the above-mentioned experiment with dish soap. Replace the dish soap with any shampoo or body wash you have on hand, and you’re done. You can use warm water instead of normal for better benefits, and you’re ready to go.

Bubbles with Glycerin:

If you are up to experimenting with some more ingredients and want them to be exactly like the ones you buy in stores, here’s what you can do. Pour one cup of dish soap into six cups of water and stir it slowly. You can ask your kid to pour the water or the dish soap, but do not ask him to start it, as it has to be done slowly to avoid forming any bubbles or foam while mixing. Then add a tablespoon of glycerin and stir the mixture until everything gets gelled in. You can replace glycerin with one-fourth cup of corn syrup; the results will be similar. 

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid's Brain development?

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid’s Brain development?

What effect may a simple, lucid, and fleeting bubble have on a developing brain? What kind of intellect can it impart? Here are the effects of blowing bubbles on a developing brain at various stages.

Eye-Tracking Skills

A baby is born with vision, but it is poor, and it improves as he grows older. Blowing bubbles on babies helps in the development of their eye-tracking skills. Once a newborn sees the bubble, it tries to follow it with its eyes, up, down, left, and right, strengthening these muscles in the process.

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid's Brain development?

Body Awareness

When your child is about 5 to 7 months old, he will gradually try to reach out for these bubbles, using his hands or legs to do so. Attempting to reach for bubbles makes him aware of his own limbs and the amazing things he could do with them. 

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid's Brain development?

Gross Motor Development

Gross motor development occurs when you use your entire body to complete a task. Blowing bubbles will encourage your child to crawl or stand further, helping him to utilize his large muscles.

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid's Brain development?

Fine Motor Development

Fine motor is when you use small muscles in your hands to fulfill the tasks. Isn’t it amazing how quickly your toddler has progressed to poking bubbles with his fingers?

Hand-Eye Coordination

Your child tries to follow the bubbles to the right, left, up, down, near, distant, and wherever the wind blows them with his outstretched hand. Isn’t it the easiest and most fun way to make him aware of the connection between what he sees and what he wishes to do?

Following Commands

Try telling your child to poke the bubble with his fingers or to poke the dot right over his head, and see how well he follows your commands.

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid's Brain development?

Social Awareness

Blowing bubbles with siblings or in playgroups helps them to acknowledge their peers. The more, the merrier!

How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid's Brain development?

Depth Perception

The bubbles help teach the kids the depth perception, that is, how near or how far they are from their target.

Cause and Effect

Poking the bubble with your finger causes it to burst, and the missing droplet will either bring it down or flow away. This naturally occurring phenomena makes the kid realize the potential consequences of his repeated actions.

Proprioceptive Development

This is sensory development, in which the child recognizes the touch of an object and then sends signals to the brain to perceive and store the information.

Boosting Oral Muscles

When your child is old enough to blow through the band, teach him how to use it with his mouth. The simple act of inhaling slowly and then expelling slowly has various beneficial effects on the kid. It enhances

  • The muscles that surround the mouth.
  • Consistent and controlled breathing.
  • overcoming anxiety
  • It helps in getting rid of insomnia
How Blowing Bubbles Benefit Your Kid's Brain development?


If you’ve come this far, you’re aware of the potential benefits that blowing bubbles can have on your child’s developing brain. So now you know that when you blow bubbles for your kids, you’re not just providing them with a fun activity but also helping them in a variety of ways!

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