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Build Your Own Art Studio at Home

Build Your Own Art Studio at Home

make an art studio at home for kids

An Artist Needs an Art Studio

Some kids are natural artists and they love to draw, paint, and create. So much so, that oftentimes they wish they had their own little studio at home. One that could give them the space to forget everything and just dive into the world of art and imagination. So, the question is how do you turn your living room or kid’s room into an art studio? In this blog post, we will share 17 ways that can make your living room an amazing place for kids to have fun creating their masterpieces.

What is Meant by an Art Studio?

The art studio is a space in your house which is specially dedicated for kids to create their masterpieces. Following are the benefits of having an art studio for kids at home:

  1. Kids get to spend quality time with their families.
  2. They can exercise both body and mind in the most natural way possible.
  3. It promotes creativity, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and cooperation by providing them a safe space for experimenting with new ideas or techniques.
  4. It boosts self-confidence and builds a sense of accomplishment in the field of arts and crafts.
kid painting in her art studio at home


17 Ways to Convert your Living Room into your Kid’s Art Studio

Your living room can be transformed into an amazing place where the kids are free to do what they love and enjoy being creative. Kids also learn from trial and error, so giving them this kind of opportunity in the safety of the home environment can help develop their skills while having fun!

Following are the top 17 tips to convert your living room into a kid’s art studio.

  1. Put a few crayons and coloring books on the coffee table or side tables for easy access.
  2. Turn your living room into an art studio by adding some materials to make doodles with: markers, paints, pastels, cardboard stencils, glue sticks, and paper plates are just a sampling of what you can put out there in order to create something unique!
  3. Create a craft corner where kids have everything they need at their fingertips like scissors (metal), white glue (in bottles), tape rolls(heavy duty) construction paper cut up in squares and rectangles. Keep all things organized so that kids don’t get frustrated looking for supplies when they want them.
kid painting in art studio at home


  1. Keep a few empty pages beside the coffee table for them to doodle freely while watching TV or simply spending time with family.
  2. Turn an old bookshelf into a chalkboard by covering it with black paint or contact paper, then filling it up with all sorts of art supplies!
  3. Another idea that may work well in some homes is to use metal shelves as rails for hanging canvas pictures so they can be created right there in front of you on those walls. Get creative and come up with something new!
  4. Create a dedicated space for artistic endeavors with supplies and tools within easy reach of young artists. A special table or shelf is one way to keep everything organized so that children don’t get frustrated looking when they want it.
bunch of paint brushes


  1. Use an old, unused floor lamp as a projected light to give a cool look to your art studio and keep the light close at hand.
  2. Use a long table or bench as your work surface, then place chairs around it so that you can be seated while painting and drawing activities are going on nearby.
  3.  Plan out an area in your home where kids can use their creativity to make art projects of all sorts – paint, clay modeling, sewing, crafts, etc. Be sure to include plenty of storage for supplies like glue sticks and scissors!
  4.  If there’s space available outside the house (perhaps next to your deck), consider renting out a community building with large windows and communal tables for family members who want more room than they have in their own homes for creative endeavors.
  5.  To give an artistic look to your living room so that it gets converted into a kid’s art studio, you must consider some out-of-the-box interior design that will excite your child to make phenomenal paintings and art masterpieces.
art studio painting


  1.  Get creative with your living room and turn it into a kids’ art studio. This is not only an excellent way to get the little ones out of bed on those lazy Sunday mornings, but also a great opportunity for them to express their creativity in ways you may never have considered.
  2.  You could also set up easels or paint palettes at different heights; this will allow older siblings to create while younger children can still work on floor mats or bean bags nearby.
  3.  Hang artwork from the walls and make some innovative artifacts that surely will add a great look to your art studio room.
parents hanging art pieces made by kids in art studio


  1.  You can also use additional furnishings such as chairs, stools, and tables to create an environment that is conducive for an art studio.
  2.  Set up a shelf with books about famous artists, or offer magazines that show examples of different media (drawing, printmaking, watercolor) to inspire your child while they are working in their studio.


We hope this blog post has given you some ideas on how to turn your living room into an art studio. We want every child in the world to have access to a safe space where they feel free enough of creative expression without feeling like they are going against their parent’s wishes. The only way for our children to build their own creative future is if we give them all these opportunities now as well. 

Happy creating!


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