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Craft for Kids: DIY Paper Quilled Hedgehog

Craft for Kids: DIY Paper Quilled Hedgehog

Craft for Kids: DIY Paper Quilled Hedgehog


When you hear of hedgehogs, it immediately attracts your attention. What if you get to know about quilled paper hedgehog craft for kids? For kids, a paper hedgehog is a 5-minute craft activity. Hedgehogs are woodland animals, gentle and harmless, moving around on their own eating bugs. They curl into a ball if they sense danger. 

With this craft for kids, kids can learn more about woodland animals and some new autumn crafts that can keep them engaged in something productive. If you plan to introduce some great autumn craft for kids, a quilled paper hedgehog is the best choice to start, as they can also learn about nocturnal animals and hibernation. 

Items Required

Some essential items required to make a quilled paper hedgehog craft for kids are:

items for Craft for Kids
  • Quilling paper strips
  • Craft papers of white, pink, and grey colors
  • Black sketch pen
  • Glue stick
  • Slotted quilling tools
  • Pair of scissors

Steps to make quilled paper hedgehog craft for kids

The steps involved in making an adorable quilled paper hedgehog are:

quilling paper

1.   Ensure to use 20 inches and 18 inches long quilling paper strips. Thread one strip through the slotted quilling tool and rotate it to make loose coils. Use 20 inches of dark brown quilling paper strips to make the hedgehog’s body and 18 inches of light brown quilling paper strips to make the hedgehog’s head. Make sure to stick the ends with glue to prevent uncoiling. 

2.   Slightly press the side of the light brown 18 inches coil used for making the head of the hedgehog to create a pointed edge such that it forms the nose of the hedgehog. A hedgehog without a nose is yet to be discovered. 

3.   To flatten the back of the hedgehog’s head, make two more points on the opposite side of the point where you pressed for the nose on the light brown 18 inches coil. 

4.   Use the 2-inch light brown quilling paper strips to make small triangular shapes. These tiny triangles would act as the spines of the hedgehog. Make enough triangles to cover the hedgehog’s back completely. 

5.   Use 4-inch black quilling paper strips to make 2 tight coils. Stick the ends properly with glue to prevent uncoiling. These two would serve as the legs of the hedgehog. Try to make one more similar coil to make the nose of the hedgehog more prominent. 

6.   To make the hedgehog’s face, cut out a small circle from the white craft paper. For a prominent mouth, cut a small piece of pink craft paper, and with the black sketch pen, make the hedgehog’s eyes. Make a face, mouth, and eyes of appropriate sizes depending on the size of the hedgehog’s body. Big or small face, mouth and eyes, will give a bad look to the hedgehog.

7.   With the help of glue, gently stick the coiled 20 inches dark brown quilling paper strip, which is to be used as the hedgehog’s body on the grey craft paper. Then gently stick the 18 inches coiled light brown quilling paper strip, which is to be the hedgehog’s face, on the same grey craft paper. After attaching the head and the body, gently cut out the extra pieces of the craft paper tracing seen around the quilled parts. 

8.   Gently stick the spines made earlier using the coiled 2-inch quilling paper strip on the back of the hedgehog’s body. Make sure the back is covered entirely with these spines. 

9.   Finally, finish off by sticking the feet and the nose (if made), created using the coiled 4-inch black quilling paper strip with the help of glue. Make sure you have stuck everything properly and give the glue enough time to dry. Once ready, mount the quilled hedgehog onto a card where you can use different colours to define the sky or the ground. 


a child making Craft for Kids

Fall craft for kids that can keep them productively engaged instead of sitting in front of the television and watching controversial cartoons. The paper hedgehog craft for kids can be an important step in making kids realize that their numbers are steadily going down, and hedgehogs are on the verge of extinction.

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