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How can you ensure that your kid is happy and healthy?

How can you ensure that your kid is happy and healthy?

Happy Kid

Every parent wishes to have a happy kid. From the moment of their birth, till the child grows, parents focus on delivering the best to their kids and try to cherish them in the best way possible. The recent research depicts that the demanding education system plus the 24/7 cycle of children on social media platforms is the major reason for growing anxiety and unhappiness among children. This article discusses the different ways through which parents may ensure the happiness and healthy habits of their kids. 

What is Child Happiness?

Happy KId

Happiness is the by-product of emotional health. The major attributes of a happy kid depend on mental, emotional, and physical habits. It develops the body chemistry that determines the happiness level in your toddler.

Healthy Habits that linked to making your kid happy are

  1. How your toddler thinks and feels about the world, and thus perceives their experiences.
  2. Daily activities, such as regular exercise, eating healthy food, meditating, connecting with other people, savoring the “good”, drinking water, and even smiling and laughing regularly also can bring positivity in preschoolers.
  3. Character traits such as self-control, fairness, caring about others, contribution, courage, leadership, and honesty may also impact their lives positively.

What are the ways to ensure your Kid is Happy?

Child Happiness

These are the different ways that have been mentioned below that will assure that your kid is happy-

1.     Make your child learn the constructive mental habits that help to develop happiness- 

Make the kids aware of the methods to manage their mood swings. Help them practice gratitude for everyone. Let them find happiness in small things of life, and appreciate things which the Lord has blessed us all. It helps the toddler to grow up in a positive surrounding.

2.     Making your toddlers learn about the self-management tools-

Make your kids involve in regular exercises, eating healthy food, and practicing meditation. These daily activities can have a very positive influence to make your kid happy.

3.     Model a growth mindset and positive self-talk.

Every kid requires a cheerleader to help them with the hurdles of life. Every kid requires a cheerleader to help them with the hurdles of life. Recent research has proven that acknowledgment, praise, open discussions with kids are essential. It can build a sphere of positivity around them.

4.     Make your toddlers see happiness in small things surrounding them-

It is generally believed that a person, who tends to find joy in the small –small things of life, tends to be happier in life. As there are lots many small miracles that take place in our daily life cycle which makes life more beautiful and joyful. So it is important for the parents to make their kids notice such beautiful elements of life. All this will eventually make your kid healthy and happy.

5.     Always try to support your toddlers to prioritize their relationships-

Child Happiness

The researchers have proven in the research that people who tend to have a good relationship are the happiest; make your kids understand the importance of relationships in life and tell me to work over it to make it strong.

6.     Make your kids have an attitude of gratitude towards everyone-

Most humans think that they cannot be grateful until they are feeling good or are happy, it is the opposite of the written statement people are happy just because they are grateful. Toddlers are not aware of the concepts of life, being a parent it is your responsibility to cultivate them into better people and tell them the importance of gratitude in their lives.

7.     Make your kid accept all the emotions of life-

The cycle of life is like a roller coaster, the person who seems to be the happiest too has a lot many pain and grief but the beauty is accepting every phase of life beautifully and trying to see something positive in it. Try to preach to your toddlers not to suppress any of their emotions as it someday might not be good for them but it doesn’t mean the whole life is how that day is. Make them accept every emotion of this cycle beautifully and support your kid to be happy always.

8.     Make your toddler tackle their mood swings-

Child happiness

There are lot many incidents that take place on a daily basis in our life. Every new situation makes an individual be in a new mood for the day. But it is important for us to teach the kids how they should maintain their calm and control when they face such situations and tell them not to hold their emotions, try to share with the person they feel they are comfortable with.

9. Stay away from the messages which are destructive for happiness-

There are lot many messages on social media which are destructive for a child’s mind and tend to deliver the message that money can buy happiness, which is not true. Make yours as a parent that you do keep a check on the messages that are being read by your kid and do not put any influence on the mental health of the kid.

10.  Make your toddlers experience the joy of contribution-

It is proven by the different studies that when a kid contributes towards the betterment of society, it eventually gives them immense happiness and joy. Being a parent it is your responsibility to make your kid be a part of such activities.


Happy Kid

We hope that the activities that have been discussed above will be helpful for all the parents in enhancing the positive surrounding to make their kids happy and healthy. It is a small contribution from our side to make the small toddlers happy and healthy. Not only this there are lot many interesting educational games that are also there for your kids on www.sparklebox.com that will help to put a positive impact on young minds.


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