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10 Handy Craft Ideas For The Entire Family

10 Handy Craft Ideas For The Entire Family

10 Handy Craft Ideas For The Entire Family


Can’t find the perfect handy craft ideas for your family to do together? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out these easy, handy craft ideas for the entire family narrowed down by our experts! All you need is just a few basic supplies to make these fun arts and crafts activities. So let’s get your little ones off their couch! Also, please do note that this is a great way to work with your kids mainly because it involves learning different things together as a family. This blog post will provide a list of DIY arts and crafts easy enough for children and adults alike to complete.

10 Handy Craft Ideas For The Whole Family

Frosted Window Sun Catchers

One of the best handy craft ideas, this is a fun way to decorate the house and window simultaneously. Plus, it will look great when placed on your windows! You only need a few things, like white spray paint, frosted glass clings, ornaments of your choice, and cellophane tape.

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Frozen Slime

For this project, you will need two ingredients: slime and blue food coloring. If you have kids that love Disney’s Frozen, then this one is for them! The effect is pretty neat – it looks like a frozen pond from the movie.

Handy Craft Ideas With Clay

Remember the letter charms you used to make in elementary school? Well, this is even easier than that! You will need clay, a chain with a clasp, and scissors to cut the paper. Make sure you choose letters from your name or your kids’ names. This project makes an adorable gift for Mother’s Day! It also doubles as a beautiful decoration for the house.

Tic Tac Toe Board

Remember playing Tic Tac Toe with your siblings growing up? It’s fun and easy to recreate this classic game in your own home, using a piece of poster board, sandpaper, paint, and other craft supplies you probably already have around the house.

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Handy Craft Ideas With Paper

All you need to do is construct a huge paper airplane and attach it to the wall. Create this giant paper airplane, and you’ll have as much fun throwing it around as your kids will! You can also put it in a spot where everyone can see and enjoy it.

Upcycled Canvas Art

Is there any better way to make use of old soup cans than transforming them into beautiful pieces of art for your home? This is one of the best handy craft ideas that you can do with your children, and it will produce a fun and unique work of art that you can hang in any room of your house.

Firework Lanterns

Fireworks are fantastic to look at, but they’re even more fun when you turn them into lanterns for your home! Using an empty bottle, some paint, and a few simple supplies, your kids can make their lanterns to hold any small candle and hang it on the wall.

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Family Photo Collage

A family photo collage is excellent because it allows everyone in the family to go through all the photos that have been taken over time and arrange them however they like. This can be a great conversation starter in your family room or living area, and it’s fun to relive old memories.

Tie-Dye Curtains

Tie-dye is all the rage, and now you can make tie-dye curtains for your home. The best part about this craft is that you can let your kids loose with the dyes and create whatever they want.

Chalkboard Wall Decor

You probably won’t want to use this display for family photos or drawings, but it’s great for displaying reminders like what chores need to be completed or when your kid has a game on the weekend.

#BONUS. Make a fridge magnet photo collage.

First, you’ll need to take pictures. Then, collect a piece of cardboard and any other materials that you can recycle to make your picture frame – like old cereal boxes or tin cans. The next thing is glue. You will also need some adhesive for gathering all your pics together. While there are various ways to do that, we recommend that you use a glue gun. Be sure not to soak the photo with too much adhesive – otherwise, it may get all wrinkled and smeared. The final thing is pretty straightforward: using your fingers or a brush, apply some glue to the back of each picture and stick a tiny magnet on it. Then, assemble the frame. If you don’t have any other magnets at hand, we suggest you use some tape to stick all the pics together (that way, they won’t fall apart). And last but not least – hang up your super cool magnet board and enjoy it!

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The handy craft ideas in this blog post will give you many ideas for activities to do with your family. Many are inexpensive and straightforward, so they’re perfect for busy parents who don’t have time or the budget to take their kids on expensive trips to amusement parks all summer long. But there’s no need to worry if you can’t find an activity that suits everyone in your family – we’ve also included some tips below about how you might be able to make these handy craft ideas work better for different age groups! We hope this was helpful! Thanks again, and happy crafting!

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