Try out this gummy bear osmosis experiment for kids at home - Sparklebox
Try out this super fun Gummy Bear Osmosis Experiment

Try out this super fun Gummy Bear Osmosis Experiment

gummy bear osmosis process at home for kids - Sparklebox


The Gummy Bear experiment for kids is one of the best experiments to learn about osmosis. This is a super fun experiment for 12-year-old kids and babies below that and even for their mums. 

Gummy bear experiment and its osmosis application helps understand experimental design, mass, embedding maths, weight, and volume. 

What is Osmosis? 

Osmosis refers to a solvent’s shift, such as water through any living cell into a higher solute concentration. It equals the concentration on both sides of the solution. 

There are majorly three types of osmosis conditions – hypertonic, hypotonic, isotonic. 

What are Gummy Bears? 

gummy bear experiment- gummy bears

Gummy Bear is a bright and sugar-filled tasty candy. This is not only delicious to eat but super fun for both kids and adults. 

Gummy bear is made up of gelatin, water, and a sweetener like sugar or corn syrup. It starts as a liquid and then further cools down into an easy to chew solution. The chewiness of the gummy 

bear is majorly due to gelatin content. 

What’s Unique about the Gummy Bears Experiment for Kids? 

The gummy bear experiment is unique in its sense. Most of the sugar candies you will observe gets dissolved in water, but the gummy bear is an exception. It does not get dissolved in water and thus the perfect pick for this experiment. 

Gummy bears don’t get dissolved in water because of the gelatin content. When the gummy bear is made, then both water and gelatin are mixed and heated together. And when it cools down, water starts to leave the candy. The candy gets hardened and has a bright texture and look. Gummy bear when cools down has a chewy texture. 

Now, let’s understand in detail about the gummy bear experiment for kids. When the gummy bear is immersed in water, then the water acts as a solute. At the same time, the water molecules act as a solvent. Now, here is how osmosis science begins. The gummy bear has zero water content and thus when it is put into water, the water flows into the gummy bear through the osmosis process. Osmosis occurs when water flows down from a more significant concentration to a smaller concentration. 

Gummy bear experiment- osmosis

Gummy bears have such a surface area that allows some particles to pass through whereas some others can’t pass through. It has small gaps in it so that charged and minute matters like water can enter, but any other large particles are unable to enter. 

The core principle of the gummy bear experiment for kids is that when the experiment is started, the gummy bear has more gelatin and less water content and thus, it is highly chewy. But as the experiment progresses, the attractive gummy candy bear has more water and less gelatin content, and therefore it becomes softer and softer similar to a sponge. After a while, it gets dissolved in water. 

Gummy bear experiment for kids – In Detail : 

gummy bear experiment in detail

Timeline – The gummy bear experiment takes more than 48 hours. But it takes at least one hour to arrange all the material required. 

Materials Required :

  1. Gummy Bear 
  2. Glass for every liquid or solution used in the experiment 
  3. 1 tbsp of sugar 
  4. Salt – 1 tbsp
  5. 1 tbsp baking soda 
  6. Scale 
  7. Calculator 
  8. Kitchen ruler 
  9. regular paper towels 
  10. Stopwatch 
  11. Experiment Sheet of gummy bear 
  12. A scientific table containing data of gummy bear 

How to do the Gummy Bear Experiment for Kids? 

Step 1.

Fill every glass with sugar water, water and saltwater. 

Step 2.

Label each of them.

Step 3.

Fill the saltwater glass with half a cup of water. Mix salt (1tbsp) in it and make sure that salt is completely dissolved in the glass. 

Step 4.

Similarly, do with sugar water and make sure that the sugar is thoroughly mixed with water. 

Step 5.

Do the same with baking soda glass as well. 

Step 6.

Choose three gummy bears for each of the glasses. 

Step 7.

Measure their height, width and weight and write down the time of measurement. 

Step 8.

Now, immerse each gummy bear into their respective glasses. 

Step 9.

Wait for a minimum of half a day, i.e. 12 hours. 

Step 10.

Separate the gummy bear post 12 hours and make the same measurements and note them. 

Step 11.

Immerse the gummy bears again in their respective solution. 

Step 12.

Post 24 hours repeat the same measurements and then immerse the gummy bears back again. 

Step 13.

Again repeat the same process post two days, i.e. 48 hours. 

The Final Result

As per the final result, you can see that all the three gummy bears have expanded in size. Slight expansion is witnessed just after 12 hours only. And it continues with each measurement.

This is because of osmosis. Water flows down from the glass to the gummy bears, and thus it gets expanded in size. Overall, gummy bear experiment is such a fun yet simple experiment! So what are you waiting for? Try this out today!

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