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Facts about early child development

Facts about early child development

Child Development


Child Development

Childhood is a phase majorly between infancy and adolescence. This phase is a mixture of innocence, simplicity, fun, imagination, and wonder. All the most special memories of kids form during this period, which they cherish later in life. It is also when parents give their kids essential guidance for the present and foretell their future outcomes. 

Magical Facts Related To Child Development

We all know that children are like God. They need extra care, attention, and love from their parents. While Child development is all about learning and fun for children, it is a learning phase for parents too. If you are wondering why? Well, the magical facts given below related to child development will make you understand how and why it is a learning phase for parents too-

Child Development

The Ideology of Talking

It is surprising to note that parents can enhance the kid’s language development if they make an effort to respond. It is essential for parents, especially during the early child development phase.

Blurry Vision

When children are born, their eyesight is around 20/2400. They only have a clear vision about a foot away. Due to this, we should always stay close to them and connect whenever they are in need. As the kids grow, they can see at 20/20.

Blurry vision

The logic of triple the birth weight

According to research, toddlers are triple the birth weight during the first year of birth. All that growing and development takes a lot of energy and nutrients from kids. Nothing surprising if this to your life throughout.

Ambidextrous Toddlers

At the age of 1, toddlers use both their hands equally. As kids grow up, they prefer one hand or the other. According to the research, 90 per cent of the toddlers select their right hand. So, if your child uses the left hand, tell them they are lucky.

Swallowing And Breathing at the same time

Recent research proves that when toddlers turn 6-7 months old, they can swallow and breathe simultaneously.

Learning Stress Management

Are you aware that care and love help in stress management? Try this trick with your toddler and get closer to them. Getting closer to your kids will help them get rid of stress and cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that kills the learning and memory parts of the brain.

Words And Information Organizing Power

As soon as your toddler turns 7, observe the words and information you reveal to them. Must be wondering why? It is the time when toddlers start organizing information in their minds. They start building the pattern of facts and figures that can be useful for them in real life.

Infants need consistent, responsive care.

Infants communicate by responding to the slightest sound and movement. They even give a response by recognizing the smell of the caregiver. When the caregiver replies, there is a beautiful interaction between the infant and them. The bond establishes between them during the feeding days. The infants form an attachment with the individual who consistently holds them, loves them, or pampers them.

Toddlers are curious

Toddlers are curious to know how they can change or affect individuals and things. They learn by playing and trying new things. Not only this, but observing and copying individuals also help them a lot. There is an ongoing interaction between the toddlers and the surrounding. All these interactions help in a child’s brain development.

Toddlers are curious

Most Of the Toddlers Learn when they are young.

According to the studies, a toddler’s mind develops before birth and in the first two years. During the age of 0-3, eighty per cent of individual brain structure takes shape. At the same time, ninety per cent takes shape until the shape of five. The most important things in this period include- good health, nutrition, and nurturing.

Toddlers need a safe and healthy environment for learning

Toddlers love to explore new things and skills in life. They require a clean, safe, and healthy physical environment. It helps avoid the chances of injuries and accidents while playing and learning. More than 200 million toddlers are unable to fulfil their development.

Toddlers are the first scientist.

Playing is kid’s work. Playing gives them many opportunities to think and solve problems. They also may learn by playing with different pots and pans, cups and spoons, and other clean and safe household items. Not only this, they even know a lot by dropping banging things. Even the development of skills in toddlers takes place by stacking things and watching things fall. They even test the sound of different objects by hitting them.

Efforts that help in child development is an investment not cost

Every dollar that a parent spends on early child development is an investment for them. The return of this investment is 8.14 dollars in the future. The Return/cost ratio is high during early childhood development.

Pay attention to your toddler’s movement sound and cries

Toddlers communicate to express their needs. For example, infants show hunger by becoming fussy, sucking their hands, or moving towards their breasts. All the clues help the caregiver recognize that an infant is hungry before starting crying.

Simple appropriate activities can help in child development.

For example, to help an infant follow an object, you may show colourful cups to him. Your toddler will head close to the cup to move it slowly. When he reached near the cup, you should encourage him to grab the cup. You may try moving it up, down, right, left, or wherever you feel like it. Do not forget to praise them for their efforts.

Copying toddler’s sound and gesture help to initiate good communication

It allows the caregiver to look at the toddler closely. Parents need to be more sensitive towards the toddlers’ sounds and actions. The right responses can make your kid feel confident and happy. According to the study, a toddler can speak through sound and movements before uttering words. It helps in the language development of toddlers for the future.

Child Development


There are numerous startling facts about child growth. The fifteen facts mentioned above are the most motivating of all. Your toddler appears taller and wiser every time you look at them. The development and growth of your child is a fascinating maelstrom of natural events. This development results from daily activities and experiences, not just genetics. We hope that this blog has given parents a better understanding of the fascinating facts about child growth.

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