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English Speaking Practice: Tools For Toddlers

English Speaking Practice: Tools For Toddlers

English speaking practice for kids got easier with these tools - Sparklebox

Rattles and Rainy Days

It’s a rainy afternoon, the first rain baby Zoey has ever seen. We had guests over that day and they were from the Middle East. We conversed in English with them and Zoey was so confused! She only knew Kannada so far, and her english speaking practice was restricted to “ba-by, and ted-dy”. So this was new to her. She intently listened in on the conversation between her mom and the lady. She finally grasped one of the words her mom used. Her mom pointed towards the window and said “Rain!”

That caught her attention!

“MAMA RAAAIN!”, an excited Zoey clapped her hands at the sound of the raindrops hitting the window pane. She wanted to go outside and experience it so bad! So that’s what her mom did. 

have a conversation on a rainy day with your kid to improve english speaking practice

Her mom’s policy has always been that children have to experience everything in life! Children grow from learning and experiencing life and not from just observing things from a distance all the time. Zoey had so much fun and she learnt a new word! So how do you think Zoey developed the interest to pick up new vocabulary? 

Let’s take a look at a few ways to increase your child’s english speaking practice for better skills!

What Can YOU Do to Make English Speaking Practice Fun for Kids?

Before we proceed with the things you can do to get your toddler to ace her speaking skills, know that age matters and every child has their own pace. And forcing your child to reach milestones outside their age range is very harmful and can cause unnecessary stress on your child. So let’s dive right in!

Make learning interactive!

english speaking practice with interactive conversations

There are so many things you can do with your child. And some of the activities you can do with them can be in English to make your child grasp the language when having fun! This can be through watching cartoons even. But the catch is it will be in English.

English speaking practice in children can be easily introduced to children by showing them cartoons. Because cartoons for children are generally very expressive and that aids in the child understanding a lot. 

Conversations Help Kids with English Speaking Practice!

toddler talking to practice english speaking skills

Toddlers love talking! They love communicating everything. And they’re brilliant observers as well. So what we can do is engage in some English speaking practice at home with your child. Know that English is as important as your mother tongue in this world because you need it to communicate from those outside your mother tongue. So basically it is helping your child be the best version for their future. Conversation skills also can be picked up doing this and this can help your child be vocal about their opinions in a refined manner.

Storybook time!

reading story books to kids can help with english speaking practice

Believe it or not those short stories that progress to Enid Blyton books actually help your child a great deal! Listening to stories can help your child in many ways. It can teach them new morals and also help their mind be more imaginative. English speaking practice and learning for kids has never gotten easier than this! This also helps them learn languages faster and register alphabets better hence is a very effective way to learn a language!


staying in routine helps kids practice english speaking skills

Routines play a very important role in the lives of all children from the moment they are born till the end of time. Setting routines in the household where english would be spoken through certain halves of the day or certain days can help in strengthening your child’s english speaking skills. This is not that hard to accomplish as children love games and this would be a great learning experience for them. Setting routines for english speaking practice starts at home! Let’s make it fun.

Little Tidbits!

Like Zoey, it is important for children to explore their environment and learn for themselves what they like and don’t. Using english when they explore their environment can be a sure way of teaching your child the art of talking in English. There are interactive games as well on the Playstore of every device that uses English as the medium and this can help your child in learning English better.

Everything from nursery rhymes to toys that speak and music + movies, play a huge role in your children setting one foot in the door for being little Shakespeare’s! So remember not to rush anything too hard, putting pressure on them takes the fun away from learning. Let them learn through play and stories instead!

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