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Activities With a Twist to Help Make English Fun!

Activities With a Twist to Help Make English Fun!



As years go by and the world moves at a faster pace, the need to get your child to be the best at his or her schoolwork becomes a goal for most parents. But what these parents fail to sometimes recognize is the power of play and teaching, especially languages, using more interesting methods. English, being a superpower language in the world right now, is a staple for proper communication. Here are a few English activities for kids that will make learning a language easier and mastering it the easiest! So let’s get right into it.

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Few English Activities For Kids


Scrabble is a great way to help your child learn more and expand their vocabulary even during the weekend! A great way to bond with your child after a long week. The outcomes to this can be both really fun while helping your child be better at spelling out words. Aimed at students anywhere from six years old to adulthood, this is an evergreen game! A similar one for the younger crowd would be the Flip O Word from Sparklebox that focuses on younger children and is made by experts. The aim for it is to broaden your child’s vocabulary and learn through play which is off screen.

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A game where you can incorporate things you are currently teaching in your class, this game helps your students engage and comprehend the question presented to them. How you play this is by drawing up dashes for the amount of letters your question. For example: the author Shakespeare has eleven letters in his name which would mean eleven dashes appear on the board and every wrong guess leads to the drawing of the man that would be hanged!


There are a lot of engaging english activities for kids that can be done in a classroom setting. If you want your class to be debates! Debates would not only help improve your child’s analytical skills but also helps in getting them to question things and learn more. It sharpens reading skills and research skills as well which are important to be developed from a young age. This also helps kids learn from a young age about the important things that happen around the world and be beacons of better and important conversations.

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Board Race

This is a very popular technique used as an english activity for kids as well as adults who are learning english for the first time. The Board Race game is one that is extremely important and fun. It’s basically a relay race but the aim is to make students think quickly and come to the answer. Popular games such as these help students focus on teamwork and strengthening their soft skills.

Person Place and Action

Writing is known to be the least liked part of english learning and finding fun english activities for kids couldn’t get easier than this! For the fussy students in your class that may not like writing as much, this helps you encourage them to try their hand at writing. The game is pretty simple, there will be three chits made for each of the main topics- person, place and action. The chits are closed or kept face down and then the student picks one chit from the three categories to form an interesting prompt for writing in class. This helps in developing your students writing skills while also letting their imagination run wild because there is just an endless amount of possibilities!

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Why do activities work to teach students better?

Activities help students in learning better because they engage the student mentally and physically at a task. It helps better even motor coordination in young students and sharpens cognitive abilities in older students. It’s a tried and tested concept that play helps students learn better and through activities like these it helps students become more independent and learn better from each other and the class!

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English is the most spoken language throughout the world and teaching your child and equipping them with the right vocabulary helps them in their learning of other classes and their future education. Activities like these help grab the attention of the student with great ease and this helps in fostering interest in the subject as well. Moreover, understanding the need for important skills like research, which can be developed from games like debate, helps in being the stepping stones for your child’s future. 

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