How to encourage your child in being a good teammate?
How to encourage your child in being a good teammate?

How to encourage your child in being a good teammate?

Good Teammate


Good Teammate

Team Sports are the best things for kids. It helps them to learn different skills and values. It enhances leadership skills, sportsmanship quality, and resilience and lets them be courageous. These skills not only help toddlers to perform well but also help them in real life. The perfect time to teach these skills is in elementary school. During this time, children begin to establish the concept of being a member of a team. Hence, they start to play in groups or formally in a specific sport. They also realize that to be successful, everyone must work together. It is when the foundation of a good teammate starts. 

And when the parents and coaches put in a little more effort, the transformation takes faster, eventually resulting in a stronger player and team. Today, we will share ways to teach your kid to be good teammates. 

Ways To Teach Toddlers How To Be A Good Teammate

Good Teammate

There are ways to teach toddlers to be good teammates. They are –

Everyone Contributes

Whether a player is taking part actively or sitting on the sidelines, a good team realizes the importance of every player. A team should believe that every player has a role to play regardless of their position. It may include cheering your team or any other duty. The concerning point is the contribution of each player matters. And to make a successful team, the players should respect each other’s work.

The score is not what it is all about

Every team loves to walk away with a victory. But when different players play together and lose, the final score is not what is essential. Regardless, the synchronicity with the team plays helps them grow in the future.

The final score of the game gets decided by many attributes. Therefore, there cannot be only one player behind the loss of the game. When the team understands this point, they become stronger. It also enhances the chances of their victory. Not only this, but it also helps to maintain a great team environment.

Do not Criticize Team Mates who made mistakes.

It doesn’t matter how good a player is. There are chances of making mistakes. And there is no harm in making mistakes, as no one is perfect. A team should always consider this, as there should be no room for criticism. If it is there, it is a symptom of unhealthy team culture.

Always give your best

A good teammate refers to a mate who gives their best every time in the field. It does not ensure the team’s victory but gives players a sense of self-satisfaction. They know they did everything in their hand to make the team Win. It not only enhances the team’s confidence but the level of the game. The team can do this by showing up, putting in the work, and having healthy competition for the game. It also enhances the relationship among the team members. Even if the team cannot achieve victory, the team leaves strong with positive support.

Always give your best

Be a Gracious Winner And Loser

Good sportsmanship is the reflection of a positive culture of the team. Not only this, but it also depicts that good players are part of a team. When a team after losing also congratulates the other team, the foundation of good sportsmanship gets achieved. On the other hand, if the team achieves victory and is gracious to the other team, it reflects the same thing.

Giving Praise

Encouraging a child to be a good teammate is also in the hands of parents and coaches. You should always praise your child for playing, cheering, and supporting their team. They may also try asking questions such as – what makes a great team ? or who is the best teammate in your team ? and many more similar questions may also help. Try to build a positive attitude towards the team and your child’s game.

Watching Sports

Another way of teaching your toddler to be a good teammate is this. Watching your favourite sport with your kid and telling them the points of good sportsmanship can help you. It may include the high five that players give to one another or consoling each other. All this can set a good example in the eyes of your toddler. It even helps you to cultivate these qualities in your toddler.

Benefits Of Team Sports

Benefits of team sports

Team sports have a plethora of enhancing various skills and values in toddlers. These include motor skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and many more.

  • In addition to this, it also helps to make a good leader out of your kid. 
  • It also teaches them how to deal well with the different situations appropriately, and,
  • And it also makes them realize the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

The toddlers who love sport will spend hours practising and perfecting the technique. This devotion and work ethic towards their game is a perfect life lesson to face different life challenges. It also teaches toddlers how to deal with situations and outcomes.

What Makes A Good Teammate

For becoming a good teammate, it is important to have good sportsmanship. It refers to supporting your team members whether they are playing well or making mistakes. It is easy to support your player when they are hitting goals. But the challenge is to cheer them up during the shot. Always try to maintain positive body language and attitude, as they can impact other players. The players take the victory and loss depending on how their coaches look at them.

Good Teammate


Developing a good teammate quality with your toddler is very important. It not only helps enhance the different skills and values in them but also prepares them for the future. It helps them to be responsible and positive towards everyone. Not only this, but they also learn the importance of each individual to achieve a goal, as not every time you can do everything by yourself. We hope that this blog must have helped you know how to develop good teammate quality in your child.


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