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8 Tips to Foster Creativity in Children

8 Tips to Foster Creativity in Children

cultivate creativity in your kids


Creativity is innate, it is linked to the imagination and curiosity of the human being. It is not a question of talent, we are all born with that capacity and during the first years it is a constant attitude.

This ability is necessary for many situations , not just games or some art and craft. creativity is beyond. It is the art to express yourself as unique as you are. It is very important to be creative when facing difficult situations, achieving our goals and achieving happiness and success. Creating new ways to do things, creating your own work method will facilitate both the path and the work.

Creativity is inbuilt for all boys and girls, but as they grow older they tend to lose part of their imagination and do not dare to create. For all these reasons, it is essential that as parents and educators we promote this capacity, we care about its development and we promote it to achieve its maximum possibilities and be able to get children to enjoy the benefits of being creative.

 child painting rainbow in the window glass

Why Should we Encourage Creativity?

It is very important to stimulate creativity and boost its development instead of inhibiting it. Education in creativity is educating for change, for problem solving, for meaningful learning, for the development of original people, flexible with initiative and with the ability to face difficulties. There are creative ideas to do at home with the kids. The benefits of educating in creativity are multiple. I will list down some below.

  • Creativity allows people to seek solutions to different challenges and problems.
  • Makes adaptation to changes possible.
  • It allows them to overcome failures by being able to invent new ways of doing things.
  • It is the basis of meaningful learning.
  • It helps personal growth since it favors exploration and inquiry.
thinking capacity of kids increases when parent encourage creative learning

Creativity in children is like a muscle that needs exercise to grow, for which there are various activities and simple exercises that can be carried out both at home and at school with creative projects for kids. Let the child see the world in a different way. Allow him to explore, allow him to learn. Here are some simple tips to know how to encourage  creativity in children  of different ages. 

8 Tips to Encourage Creativity in Children

  1. Allow children to play and experiment. Time for play is essential. Through play the imagination develops. Don’t direct these games, let them create realities, invent ways of acting.
  2. Allowing children to make mistakes is one of the fundamental steps in order to encourage their creativity, since for us it may be a mistake, but for them the best way to acquire good learning.
  3. Provide them with a creative environment where they can experiment and inquire without fear. It is important that children have a space where their imagination can fly without limits. Decorate their room for it and let them worry about the game more than the mess. 
  4. To strengthen the creativity of the children, it is appropriate to give some key words, it can be two or three so that the children create a story or a story with them. This way they can strengthen their creativity and create interesting stories.
  5. It is important to encourage creativity in children , but also that they learn to investigate, for this it is appropriate to give them some guidelines to carry out an activity where they must find how to do it appropriately.
  6. Allow them to participate and express themselves , do not limit their performance.
  7. Painting is an appropriate activity to promote creativity in children, this should be done without a sample so that the child can capture on paper what comes out of his mind and not a copy of reality.
  8. Often at school or at home the child is told after an answer: you are wrong or they make fun of him, this does not help at all, since the child becomes scared and afraid to say what he thinks. The right thing to do is to listen to him carefully so that you know his ideas and know how to guide him.
creativity is a way of expressing ourselves

What Does Creativity Bring Us?

The ability to create is fundamental, the human being has to create himself, he must build, imagine, create and reinvent himself. This is the key to our development and the achievement of both our goals and our happiness.

The human being is in a constant process of creation, it is necessary for its evolution. In all aspects of our life we ​​are creating without being aware of it. We create and recreate, as changes force us to make new creations. With kids’ creative activities a child can explore his creative thinking capacity and imagination. 

Let’s see some of our daily creations:

  • Create learnings.
  • Create solutions to problems .
  • Create coping strategies.
  • Create self-concept and self-esteem .
  • Create a way of expressing ourselves.
  • Create new paths and new alternatives.
  • Create different ways of thinking.
  • Create social relationships.
creativity helps the child to think differently


Creativity in children should not be judged in terms of right and wrong. You should not look at a child’s drawing or any artistic activity that he or she has done in terms of whether or not it is well done. It will always be well done, as long as the child has made an effort to express his complex and rich inner world.

The process is what matters. They should enjoy what they are doing, have a lot of fun while playing. The child must express while putting his creativity into practice and this is what we desire to see.  Rigidity is the killer of creativity . Originality dies the moment you ask someone to do things like everyone else.

If they want to draw a green elephant instead of gray, let them do it. And if, in addition, instead of four legs and a trunk they put wheels and a water cannon, all the better.

Giving them all the artistic freedom to do what they want the most is a very good way to let all kinds of ideas flow, in addition to making them gain self-confidence and not being afraid of making mistakes.

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