How do educational toys activities for kids assist in brain development?
How do educational toys for toddlers help in childhood brain development?

How do educational toys for toddlers help in childhood brain development?

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My earliest memory is that of a green playground and the gentle sway of the swing as my mother pushed me from behind. What about yours? While most people don’t remember the first few months of their life, memory and cognitive development start pretty early in humans. Activities for kids have evolved

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As seen in the above graph, the brain development pertaining to language and cognitive functions starts from birth and peaks within 2 years approximately. These parts of the brain control the executive function, critical thinking, problem-solving, behavior, and attention span. 

At birth, a child already has all the nerve cells, aka, neurons they will have in their life. Our brain works when the connections between our brain called synapses are fired. A child has double the amount of these connections as compared to an adult. It reaches its peak at two years and then gradually decreases as our brain rejects the unnecessary ones. Thus, the first few years of your child sets up what kind of person your child will be in the future.  It’s vital for kids to participate in fulfilling and high-quality early childhood experiences that can stimulate their brain synapses.

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What activities promote brain development in kids?

Alphabets and words

No matter what language the child is learning, alphabets are the first units to learn. For words, the tried and tested “A for apple and B for the ball,” or any other equivalent works the best. There are also many more indoor activities for kids.

Colors and Shapes

Colors give your child the name the concept they can use to describe and point at various objects. As a plus it is also great for verbal communication. However, children learn to differentiate between colors around 18 months of age. Similarly, the shape is another tool to encourage verbal communication in children. This is one educational activities for kids that helps them explore and discover.


Numbers give the kids the capacity to express their thoughts and develop cognitive ability. The specific shapes help them develop classification and visual discrimination skills. One of the best learning activities for kids.

Activities that develop their hand-eye coordination

Lastly, a crucial part of brain development in kids involves activities focusing on motor skills. Motor development consists of strengthening bones, body movement, and sense of touch. The physical development of a child is tied to its cognitive and emotional development. A toddler uses his hands, feet, and other senses to explore his environment and express his needs. 

How to make learning fun for toddlers?

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As parents, we need to pay complete attention to our child’s physical, mental, and emotional growth dying this phase. But you must be wondering, won’t they start learning during preschool and primary school? A 1 or 2-year-old child is too young to dive into the rigorous system that is education. However, that doesn’t mean there is no way to develop their cognitive and motor skills before that. There are countless activities for kids that can help them grow.

Like O. Fred Donaldson says, “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.”

The tool that is most effective here is Educational Toys for Toddlers. Any parent can vouch that the only way to draw kids’ attention is toys, food, or television. So, what’s better than educational toys for toddlers to help them learn the basics?

The best educational toys for toddlers focus on one or more of the activities mentioned in the section above. So, while educational toys for toddlers age 2 can be puzzles to match colors and shapes, educational toys for toddlers age 3 can teach them about human body parts. Educational toys for toddlers that focus on developing motor skills could involve sorting objects based on shape and size or simply coloring a picture book. Nowadays, the market is full of innovative educational toys for toddlers in the form of DIY kits. These boxes compile different toys that focus on developing one individual skill in your child. These kits ensure that your toddler learns while not sacrificing even a minute of their precious playtime. Moreover, since the toys are designed for toddlers, they are made from 100% nontoxic substances.

The toys are a chance to spend quality time with your kid as the things you teach them today will define who they are tomorrow. 

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