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8 Fun Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds in 2021

8 Fun Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds in 2021

educational toys for 10 year olds


Since nine-year-olds are breaking out of that in-between stage — they’re considered teens now — sometimes they want to play with all kinds of toys and games that might be meant for kids outside their age group. As your kids grow, you will see most teens want to hold onto them throughout the year. For a few houses, it seems to be all about creativity, family game nights, expressing their individuality, and, of course, video games. After watching many kids and going through an in-depth survey, we found that ages 9 and 10 often lose interest in everything from making their slime to reading specific book series. Don’t worry! We understand how hard it can be to pick educational toys for kids who are not quite teenagers and not “little kids” anymore. And so, we’ve rounded up some of the best educational toys for 10 year olds this year.

Whether your teen is into decorating their bedroom or building with Legos, we have everything that you need to make their toys as unique as they are. Let’s admit, learning through play is an effective educational tool. As parents, we need to understand the importance of educational toys for 10 year olds comprehensive development. Luckily, many toy companies have developed such impressive toys with educational benefits that help kids develop their minds and learn skills that can prove fruitful for their future. Not sure what to buy for your kid in your life? If you’re a parent looking for fun educational toys, you will find plenty of outstanding options on this list. From brainteasers and books to outdoor toys and electronics, there are plenty of great gifts that are ideal for your kids who love to learn and play. Keep reading!

8 Educational Toys for 10 Year Olds to Buy in 2021

Kids playing with educational toys for 10 year olds

Generally, kids this age can exhibit shocking maturity while also still having jaw-dropping meltdowns over travesties like splinters or lost Lego pieces. He or she is outspoken. Opinionated. Independent. And the best educational toys for 10 year olds tap into all those strengths. Kids this age are dealing with more significant academic challenges at school, becoming more self-reliant, and have a stronger attention span. This way, more intricate board games or logic puzzles will hit the spot. So, don’t forget that gross things never lose their lustre. So here you go!

1. Smart Innovations DIY kit.

A DIY smart innovations kit for children using which they can do various innovative projects like a smart blind stick, AIR piano, etc., just by making simple connections. This is one of the best educational toys for 10 year olds who can enjoy their time with sensors like ultrasonic sensors & IR sensors and LCDs. It makes them feel happy and independent for doing unique projects and helps in improving their academic performance and confidence. Thereby they get great interest in technology, electronics, and robotics.

educational toys for 10 year olds like DIY kits are popukar

2. Snap circuits beginner electronics exploration kit

Educational toys for 10 year olds stimulate learning and promote skill-building. Let your darling use his Lego skills on this educational toy. This is an amazing toy that makes learning a fun process, and surprisingly, it comes with a kid-friendly and easy-to-read manual. This educational circuit-building toy with over 20 projects encourages experimentation, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills in them.

3. Science Academy Deluxe Bath Bomb Making Lab

Help your kids get ready to learn the science of chemical reactions through spa-themed chemistry experiments. Brimming with ingredients and tools, this kit includes Epsom salts, beakers, measuring spoons, and a secret ingredient to make eight bath bombs, perfect for kids ages eight years old and up.

a child doing origami

4. Fold origami brain teasers.

Fold Origami Brain Teasers – a toy that can help build logical abilities, cognitive skills, and mathematical abilities. With over ten fun origami brain teasers with solutions, this toy will keep your kids busy flexing their mental muscles to find answers to each puzzle.

5. Dual LED student microscope by National Geographic

If you want to bring science and biology to life, get these wonderful and best educational toys online for your kids- a microscope. It has two sets of optical glass lenses providing different resolutions and magnification, and it lets kids view specimens on slides in detail. The set comes with ten prepared slides and all the tools kids need to make their slides so they can see what a fingernail looks like in intricate detail.

6. With Klutz Lego Make Your Movie

Give one of the coolest educational toys for 10 year olds online to your little LEGO fans who are budding animators and movie directors. This “make-your-own-movie kit” comes with mini actors, props, and scenery. Step-by-step instructions for stop-motion animation, accessible with free apps, are included to get them started. Mini movies can be made in an hour.

rubik cubes work as educational toys for 10 year olds

7. Smart Rubik’s cube for puzzle

This game remains ever-popular, but it’s something that you used only to be able to play on your own. Not anymore. With this app, it’s even much easier to solve Rubik’s cube for your kids, level up, and connect with an entire community of gamers. 

8. Sparklebox visual art and craft book

Be it a crafts book or educational toys for 10 year olds, anything which is creative and boosts up the sparks in little explorers is the best gift for them. And this time it’s not any toys; you can gift your baby this wonderful ‘Visual art and craft book’ by Sparklebox. It’s damn fun and an exciting learning activity book for children of age six and above. The book contains 20 fun and engaging activities. The ‘Art and Craft Book’ is a comprehensive guide with an approach towards a holistic development. This beautifully illustrated series deals with the learning of the principles and elements of art.


a child looking through a kid's microscope

A would-be teen kid staring at a mobile, stacking blocks, busy with their new packs of educational toys, or painting with watercolours — all are activities that can be done independently. But dear parents, it’s you who would put up the mobile, turn it on, and encourage them to follow. It’s you who would first show them how to stack those blocks. And when you sit with your kids and help them learn how to play and learn with their educational toys, you would give them the attention they need to build their self-esteem and feel loved and secure. Educational toys for 10 year olds are a tool to help kids develop, but their parents nurture that growth.


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