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A New Toddlerhood with Educational Toys for 5-6 years old

A New Toddlerhood with Educational Toys for 5-6 years old

educational toys for 5 year old kids
educational toys for 5-6 year olds


The transition from infancy to toddlerhood brings out so many changes in children. From accepting things as they are to questioning every little information provided to them, they begin a sound journey of growing up. Their minds wander in all directions and the curiosity to get to the bottom of things starts building up everyday! Everyday studying offers little scope to toddlers to scoop their brain and pour out unexpected results. Educational toys for kids help your little learners with just that!

Cognitive skills are a major part of overall development for all toddlers and this cognition begins to develop at toddlerhood especially after the age of 5. Reasoning, logical thinking, critical analysis, problem solving, etc. fall under the category of cognitive development. Educational sector recognises this phase of development and introduces subjects that support cognition in students from 5-years on. STEM subjects are included in the curriculum to enhance their cognitive abilities but practical learning opportunities still remain an exclusion. 

Whether or not the school includes practical learning in their classroom, you can surely do so at home with educational toys for 5 years old. If you have a toddler who is in the initial years of cognitive development stage, then educational toys for 5 years old is the best way to kick start their STEM learning journey! These educational toys for kids are available for various subjects and some of them are even in sync with your child’s grade-wise curriculum! Toddlerhood is a stage where they begin to learn about core concepts in school and imagine their application in real-life. Seeing other older people apply what they have learnt in the classroom only takes their curiosity up a notch to learn hands-on. Educational toys for 5-6 years old bridges the gap between textual learning and its application and helps your child learn-by-doing in real time. 

5 Positive Benefits of Learning through Educational Toys for Kids

  • Retention – Hands-on learning with educational toys for 6 year olds increases the retention power of budding learners. How? Let’s take a quick example. Fractions are being taught in the classroom and a couple of sums have been given to your child to practice at home. Would your child learn to do it better with the help of pictorial representations in the math textbook or with an educational toy for kids specially designed to teach kids fractions with real-time examples? Definitely the second one! 
  • Sensory learning – Knowledge is intangible. But while learning something new, every child builds an image in his or her mind about the topic. Converting this mental image into something tangible with educational toys for 5 years old, something that learners can feel and touch, makes learning more real. This sensory learning experience helps in building a connection between the learner and the learning material which ultimately leads to a thorough understanding of concepts. These educational toys for 5 years old are types of learning process that a child undergoes during the period of their overall development.
Educational Toys for 5 years old

  • Never give up – One of the best things about learning from educational toys for kids is that you always have scope to take another shot at learning. This caters to the quote “try and try until you succeed” and develops a nature of never giving up in budding learners! 
  • Creativity – To knock the door of creativity in your little one, it is vital to give them tools to experiment with! Best educational toys for 5 years old usually come with safe tools and materials. They can use and reuse these multiple times till they get the desired result. This not only boosts problem solving skills but also opens the avenue of creativity!
best educational toys for 5-6 Year old to boost creativity

  • Concentration – Lack of concentration is one of the common causes of poor learning. Students often find learning from a book or class notes boring. So, to shake things up there is no better way than choosing an educational toy for kids! Kids are always more focused on winning a game than getting a math problem solved. So why not make the educational toys for 6 year olds which will not only help them learn but also have fun at the same time! 


With the best educational toys for 5 years old, your kids won’t be applying the knowledge after gaining the knowledge. Knowledge will be gained and applied at the same time! The future of education is inclined towards application-based knowledge. While it might take a few more years for educational institutions to revamp their curriculum according to it, you can rehearse hands-on learning with your kid starting today! Help your little learner explore their learning path with both – fun and knowledge. So give your child a new toddlerhood experience and get your educational toy for kids today!

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