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Activity Toys For 2 Year Olds – What’s In It For Them?

Activity Toys For 2 Year Olds – What’s In It For Them?

Activity Toys For 2 Year Olds
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Isn’t the toddler stage the cutest, naughtiest stage of your baby growing up? Every parent’s dream is to give their child the best they can. But little do they know that sometimes the best can present itself in the smallest way possible- a toy. Toys are your child’s favorite pastime growing up and are something that must be encouraged. To make the most out of their love for toys, opt for activity toys for 2 year olds and watch how they blossom in every sphere!

Did you know toys have ages too? You must be wondering how you can introduce these toys to your child- let’s break it down for you.

Activity Toys For 2 Year Olds – The What And Hows?

a child plays with activity toys for 2 year olds

When it comes to toys, there are a lot of concerns that come in the picture from the parent’s perspective. From the colors used to whether the pieces are a safety hazard, picking the right toys and time to time supervision will do the trick. Now you must be wondering, what kind of activity toys for 2 year olds are there? 

Kids in that age group are often always on their feet and bubbling with excitement and energy. As a parent, we are always running behind them to make sure they do not get hurt mid playing and trying to get them to sit down to teach them anything is, especially with an energetic child, next to impossible. This is where educational toys step in to save the day.

Educational Games help in so many ways. Truth be told, the concept of infusing play with education is a widely accepted teaching theory now. A child can learn so much that the sky’s the limit. But how can you manage to pick the best type of toy for your child? How can you give your child the joy of learning while also having fun with it? We’ve got some answers for you. Take a look at some of these pointers.

Benefits of a child plays with activity toys for 2 year olds

Steps To Pick The Best Activity Toys For 2 Year Olds

Sourcing It

activity toys for 2 year olds wouldn’t always be the same as that of babies. These children are often either in playschool or being homeschooled. While educational toys are more popular in the west, many quality activity toys for 2 year olds are readily available. Additionally, you save all that extra shipping costs when bought from abroad. 

Skill Building

Building skills is crucial as a child, and the best activity toys for 2 year olds especially emphasize that. When children are allowed to solve the problems presented to them in toy forms, they will learn to handle them better from a very young age. This will help boost their cognitive development and become sharper! Doing something as simple as letting them color in coloring books greatly affects them as they learn colors in the most fun way possible.


Age is a major factor when picking out toys for your kids. Every age has its own requirement, and that is met through these toys. Educational toys for 2-3 year olds India, when appropriately picked, can help children develop various skills like the pincer grip, gross motor skills, and coordination. It can be something that aligns with your child’s interest. Moreover, being introduced to art is a fun way to get messy and learn simultaneously.

The Benefits Of Activity Toys For 2 Year Olds

father and child doing a puzzle

1. Strengthens The Motor Development

Activity toys for 2 year olds are linked to the strengthening of motor skills in children. Infact, studies show that colorful lights and soothing sounds increase sight in toddlers.

2. Enhances IQ And Problem Solving

Activity toys for 2 year olds help in boosting the IQ level and memory retention power. These games help kids develop problem-solving skills through complex designs.

3. Enhancement of Social and Emotional Development

Another advantage of educational toys is the enhancement of social and emotional skills in a child. These toys encourage kids to utilize their creativity and imagination to the utmost in all the required activities.

4. Helps In Increasing the Concentration Power of the Toddlers

The educational toys also help the toddlers enhance their concentration power since most of the activities require pattern and number recognition. Thus, kids have to give attention to each and every step involved in the particular activity.

5. Increases Creativity

Activity toys for 2 year olds even help the parents explore their children’s creative and innovative site, as some of these toys require the imaginative power of kids to create something out of the toys.

child playing with educational toys


Using interactive toys and books can help boost your child’s interest in any given subject! Children at that age are full of life and constantly look for things to do. They love to explore their world one step at a time. Keeping them engaged the right way lets their energy out in multiple ways and thus leading to a positive outlook towards education and learning.

Let us know in the comments what activity toys for 2 year olds you use and how you see a change in your child, and if you haven’t used them before, let us know what your concerns are so we can help you out!

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