8 Best Educational Game for Kids of 2021 You Must Try Playing!
The 8 Best Educational Games for Kids of 2021

The 8 Best Educational Games for Kids of 2021

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It’s Game Time!

The year 2020 has been remarkably educational in all aspects. It has altered everything: the way we think, live, our schooling system, even our customs, and habits. If we draw a graph, we realise that the curve of children attending online classes has peaked drastically. All schools small and large suddenly found themselves struggling to cope with technology to continue their student’s education. Amidst this chaos, teachers and parents realised that educational games for kids involve them in an indirect learning process.

8 Best Educational Games for Kids

Here are some educational games for kids that can be easily planned. These include some traditional evergreen board games too.


An old and evergreen educational game for kids / middle school, scrabble is a game in which children gain points by forming new words using tiles of single letters. This game shows a remarkable increase in vocabulary and could be termed as one of the best educational games for kids at home. It is easy to play and equally enjoyable for everyone in the current stay-home-stay-safe scenario.


No other board game increases and improves a child’s intellect and concentration span as much as this one. It ingrains and further enhances problem-solving ability in your child at an early age that lasts for a lifetime. It also teaches them the skill to stay calm under pressure and a lot of patience. It’s an excellent remedy for the “Mummy, I am bored!” situation.

chess is an excellent educational game for kids

A DIY Garden

This educational game for kids could be planned either by a teacher or a parent and played by all those who have a little balcony or a sit-out. Divide your balcony into sections, one for each. Provide them with an equal amount of pots and seeds. Teach them to sow seeds, water, and care for their respective side of the mini garden. Ask them to pen their observations and take pictures of each stage of the budding plant. After a few days when the garden turns into a full-bloomed sight, the best caretaker/gardener wins.

Dumb Charades

This most widely played game could be easily twisted into the best educational game for kids. Divide the students into two teams. Make small chits with math sums, historic events, English chapters, science concepts, kids movies or books or any other subject under the sun written on it. Ask the team members to enact and win.

two girls play educational game for kids

Word Chain

This educational game for kids throws their grey cells into action, takes good care of vocabulary development, and increases it tenfold than it would have done in a normal classroom session. Just write a word on a paper and ask the kids to write another word that starts with the ending letter.

If we write the word SCHOOL, they have to write another word that begins with the letter L and create a ‘word chain’. Increase the difficulty level by setting up a time and letter limit; say a minimum of 4 or 5 letters per word within 1 or 2 minutes. Children should be asked to use a dictionary if they do not know the meaning of any word.

Test Your Senses

This is one of the best educational games for 5th standard and onwards; it’s enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Explore their sense of smell by adding things like spices, veggies, or some chemicals from the lab they’ve covered in the syllabus in small pouches. Blindfold the kids, and ask them to take a whiff and identify the contents. Similar ways could be thought of to test their sense of taste, touch, sight, and hearing. This educational game for kids covers all the aspects of sensory education in a single activity and makes the kids stay and not stray. 

kids playing with blocks

Find the History Trail

Make groups of two or three kids. Pick any historical event out of their syllabus. Turn it into a short story. Write that event on different pieces of paper and hide them. Give a clue per team. When they find their chits of papers, ask them to read every piece and sequence it together. We can use the same idea with some variations in math and science too.

Do You Know Your World? 

This educational game for kids needs them to work with an atlas. Give them pictures of different flags, and ask them to find the name of the country to which it belongs and all information about it. 


All these games could be used in almost every style of education, be it physical schooling, online schooling, or homeschooling. They also can cover all the subjects in every board of education available. If we put in some more effort and improvise these educational games for kids as a means of learning, we automatically ensure that their interest doesn’t wane easily!

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