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5 Math Activities to Teach Your Child About Numbers

5 Math Activities to Teach Your Child About Numbers

Math Activities for kids

How to Make Math Activities Fun?

Families and teachers often ask me what to do so that children learn math or how they can introduce them to numbers. It is not easy to answer this question since, although the number seems like a simple concept to adults, for the little ones it is not easy to understand it. It is an abstract notion that will take several years to master. Math activities are fun but children need to understand this and this takes time.

In addition, it must always be borne in mind that each child learns maths activities in a different way. The learning process is unique, it cannot be transferred from one person to another.

Understanding numbers is an important skill for kindergarteners to master. Children encounter and observe various math concepts from infancy, such as comparing quantities and recognizing patterns. Once children reach preschool age, you can start teaching them numbers in a fun and interactive way. They teach them through math activities for kids that are available and also with some fun math games!

Teaching children numbers is simple. Parents can motivate them to connect the numbers with the activities they do on a daily basis. 

maths activities for kids to start with numbers

So nothing can be said about how numbers are learned?

Yes, some guidelines can be taken into account on what favors its acquisition. And, above all, what not to do so as not to put barriers to learning.

The First Step is to Avoid this Mistake

When children are young they start counting spontaneously. It is an activity that they carry out in a totally natural way. n addition, from birth they are surrounded by written numbers: the house where they live, the license plates of the cars, the prices in the stores, etc. They also listen to conversations where numerical words appear: “give me two apples,” “four cutlery are missing,” or “he’s 7 years old.” Therefore, it is normal to imitate us and repeat these numbers while learning math for 5 year olds since they are part of their daily lives.

However, even if they can repeat the number of words or perform small counts, this does not mean that they are prepared to understand the meaning of the spelling or written calculations. And you start googling about how to improve maths for childrens. Wait! They need time and we as parents have to serve them time to grow.

Avoid this common mistake: don’t start by teaching spelling. 

The written numbers represent quantities of many math activities and if you want to lay the foundations for the calculation, you must begin by offering activities to develop precisely that abstract notion.

educational toys to help kids learn numbers

Their understanding is not reached through writing but rather the child will build it through their experience, both in their small daily actions and by handling prepared materials.

When we add a fork to the table or we lack a chair, to give two examples, the child is working on the concept of quantity since this is always closely related to the operations of adding or removing. He is realizing that it does not have to do with the shape of objects or with color or their position in space, but that it is a new concept.

5 Ways to Teach Math Activities

1. Educational toys

Educational toys are ideal for younger children, such as telephones, which when pressing the buttons mention the number, as well as show on the screen what number it is. They teach amazing math activities to children.

2. Count the stairs

Another exercise to teach maths for 5 year olds is by learning numbers and counting while climbing the stairs. Each step is a number or walking from one side of the room to the other jumping 10 times.

3. Teach counting with number rhymes

Using rhymes and songs is a fun way to learn numbers for kindergarteners. You can use number songs and rhymes like ’10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed ‘,’ This Old Man – He playing One ‘,’ The Ants Are Marching One by One Hurray ‘, etc. to teach children about numbers in an immensely enjoyable way. conduct. Show the numbers on your fingers as you sing along with your child so they know that a particular number relates to that many fingers. These easy math activities can be done at any hour of the day. 

Teach counting with number rhymes is a maths activities

4. Point out numbers on bulletin boards and vehicles 

When you are out with your child, you can point to numbers on billboards or vehicles to help him recognize numbers with the naked eye. This will come in handy later when your child begins writing numbers.

5. Write numbers and have the child draw the same

Write the numbers in a drawing book and have your child draw something that denotes that amount. These math activities teach them to improve their writing skills. For example, write 3 and ask him to draw three flowers. For 4, you can ask the child to draw four ice cream cones. You can also do the opposite of this by drawing various quantities of an object and asking your child to count them and tell you the number.

 feed the curiosity of the children

Bonus Tip!

Be patient

Maths for 5 year olds is not always their favourite subject. In fact to children it can be an arduous process. However, you should not get frustrated or feel bad if you consider that you are not obtaining the expected results in a certain time.

On the contrary, you must be patient . It should not be forgotten that these are small children. They are fast learners and can understand concepts with ease. Introducing numbers to kindergarteners in a fun way will help them understand numbers easily. Preschoolers tend to memorize numbers. At the end every child is different and has a different way of developing. Let us give them some time to bloom.

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