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How to Make a DIY Dice Game

How to Make a DIY Dice Game

dice game for kids

What is a DIY Dice Game?

A DIY Dice Game can be made for any age group as the rules are flexible as per your creativity! For this tutorial, we will teach you how to make a simple dice game where players take turns rolling two six-sided dies. The player that rolls the highest value wins. If both numbers are equal then it’s considered a tie and each player gets another turn. You might also want to add other variations such as winning by being first to roll doubles (e.g., double-sixes) or use different types of dice with more sides than just one through six.

Making your own dice game is a great way to have fun with friends and family while getting creative. If you are looking for something new to do on a rainy day, or want an interesting activity for the kids to do during summer break, this DIY project is perfect! All you need is some time, creativity and of course, dice. We will teach you how to make a DIY Dice Game in just 11 easy steps!

11 Steps to Make a DIY Dice Game

Following are the 11 steps to make a DIY Dice Game:

Step one: Gather your materials. You will need two dice, some scissors and paper to make a board or game mat for you players. Create the points of a grid with nine columns that are numbered from zero all the way to six (0-36). Each number has four dots on it so each column is considered 12 squares long. Label this “Dice Board” or something similar if you want them printed out at home but label as “Game Mat” if using an actual physical game mat made of fabric or felt material.

dice game for kids


Step Two: Cut out pieces of cardboard into eight small circles less than five centimeters across (if cutting by hand) and larger ones about three times the size of those first circles. These can be cut with a hole punch, if desired.

Step Three: Using either the dots method or an alternative number system for rolling dice (not necessary but recommended) create templates to mark where numbers will go on each of these circles that you just created. Label them “dice” and print out enough copies in order to have one per player plus two extra pieces labeled as “game master”. 

You’ll need 36 templates total including those marked with game master status unless you’re cutting by hand then it’s up to your skill level how many you make! If using a printed option, simply attach everything onto the template sheet. 

dice game template


Step Four: Take all of the smaller circle pieces first and place them on a table.

Step Five: Pick one of the small circles and use your pencil to put numbers around in any order you want from this point forward–this will be the “master die”. This is where all dice rolls should originate from when playing with other players.

Step Six: Repeat Step Five until there are six masters die, then take some blank paper or another type of material like brown craft foam and create two larger circles for better grip (ones that measure about four inches). These will also have slots cut into them so they can act as labels for each number, but we’ll come back to those later! For now, just set aside these eight pieces until they’ve been labeled.

 rolling dice game


Step Seven: Now you have six master dice and two completed circles that can be labeled with the numbers one to six. Now what? Well, we need each of these pieces to have a unique look so it’s easy to tell them apart from one another while playing!

Step Eight: First cut out eight small triangles using some leftover paper or other material. These will act as labels for each number on your die (so three per circle), but let’s wait until they’ve been drawn before proceeding further–there are a few more steps in between this point and there is enough finished product for labeling.

Strap Nine: Completing nine is not much different than completing seven, except instead of cutting out any triangles use something like a small piece of paper or scrap and fold it over on itself, then cut out the edges to make a little rectangle.

Step Ten: Now we’ll need ten rectangles that are slightly larger than the previous ones–they should be about twice as wide but only half as tall. Again, use whatever you have available for this step. We’re also going to put an “X” at each corner so they can easily tell which side is up when playing with them. Now, all we need is something for our die’s six-sided shape!

kids dice game

Step Eleven: After cutting out three identical shapes in your chosen material (again using what you’ve got) stack one onto another atop the second into thirds–the third will have the opposite shape on its underside. The final result will look like a six-sided die with an “X” at each corner to indicate which side is up.

So, in this way you can make your own DIY Dice Game.


Isn’t it cool that you can use anything from scraps of paper, tissue boxes, or soda cans to create your own set of dice games so kids feel like they have ownership over them and are more likely to want to play games using them. It also teaches children about geometry as well as the basics of crafting–something any parent would be happy their child learned in order to both reduce screen time and increase hand skills! 


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