DIY Craft to use your old box and make a fun basketball game! - Sparklebox
DIY Craft to use your old box and make a fun basketball game!

DIY Craft to use your old box and make a fun basketball game!

Take out the old boxes and stuff lying around your house to make an exciting DIY basketball game that transforms into a small box.

It is easy to disassemble, assemble and you can take it anywhere for a quick match! 

Watch the tutorial video or see the steps below to get started!

Materials Required: 

  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Feviquick and glue
  • Straw
  • Paints and a brush
  • Screw and nut
  • Screw Driver
  • White cardboard sheet
  • Disposable plastic spoons
  • Curtain hook

Take the box.

Mark the points to screw them together

Use scissors to make two holes on both the boxes.

Cut the top part of the top box in semi circle.

Make a hole in center to pass the straw

Paint the boxes with a colour of your choice.

Use white cardboard to make the basketboard and the curtain hook to make the basket hoop

Cut the extra piece of the curtain hook off to get the shown shape

Make a hole in the basketboard to attach the basket

Make hole at the bottom of the basketboard to pass the straw

Draw on the basketball board

Cut some strips from white paper to make the mesh for basket.

Attach the mesh to the hoop and put the straw in the top box.

Fix the basket in the hole of basketboard that we made previously

Attach the assembly of the basketboard to the top box. Pass the straw through the hole at the bottom of the basketboard.

Fix the straw to the back of the basketboard using double sided tape.

Make the hole at the end of the base box to attach the spoon

Make a hole in one flexible plastic spoon and screw it to the base box using a screw, nut and a screwdriver.

Cut the bowl shape from another spoon and attach to the end of the fixed spoon using feviquick.

Screw both the box assemblies together using screws and nuts

Let’s play!

Time to transform it into a box to carry anywhere!

Unscrew the screws, 

take the straw and basketboard assembly out, 

take the straw out, 

put all in the box and close the box!

And you are good to go!


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