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11 Fun DIY Bottle Crafts

11 Fun DIY Bottle Crafts

fun bottle crafts for kids to learn recycling


Do you love crafts? Do you have a bottle lying around your house that needs to be used for something other than the bottle it was intended for? Bottles are one of the most versatile items that you can find in your home. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it is not difficult to find bottle crafts for any occasion. In this blog post, we will explore 11 bottle craft ideas perfect for kids or adults!

Fun DIY bottle crafts you can ace!

Do you know that only one out of every six water bottles is recycled, and the rest end up in landfills? It is worrisome. But by recycling, reusing, and lowering your overall plastic usage, you can help the world! Yes, these bottle crafts will make a huge impact and all thanks to you.

Bottle rockets

Do you know that bottle rockets are actually a classic science project? All you need is a water bottle, aluminium foil, and baking soda. First off, make sure your bottle has been washed thoroughly with soap or detergent. Then cover the top of any opening on the bottle with an overlapping piece of aluminium foil (this will prevent any liquids from leaking out). Next, pour in the baking soda. The bottle should start to hiss as soon as you do this! Finally, light a match and drop it into the bottle so that the chemical reaction can occur.

car made with plastic bottle


Bottle bird feeder

This is such an easy bottle craft but has a significant impact on nature. All you need is some string, bottle caps, and food colouring. First off, cut the bottle cap to fit on top of a water bottle’s opening. Next, put a bit of birdseed in each bottle cap, then add about two drops of food colouring (you can also use glitter) for decoration purposes. Finally, attach the bottle cap onto the bottle with the string and enjoy watching birds flock to your bottle feeder.

The paint bottle planter

We generally have many old plastic bottles that we can’t recycle, so I decided to use them as planters for my plants! All you need is some paint, scissors, potting soil, and seeds. First off, pour in the potting soil, cut the bottle in half and place it over your pot. Cut a hole into one side of the bottle at an angle so you can pour water through for feeding. Add some seeds or saplings to start growing!

bottle craft made by children


The DIY bottle brush tree

I wanted to make my own bottle brush tree decoration, but I couldn’t find the bottle brushes I wanted, so I made my own! First off, cut a bottle in half and clean it out. Then use an old plastic bag to cover one side of your bottle brush tree decoration. Fill up with water and then add some paint (or anything else you want) before dipping into the top of your bottle brush tree for each bottle.

Bottle necklaces

Want to make bottle necklaces? Cut the bottle in half, and then cut a couple of slits onto one side where you’ll be threading your string through. Thread your beads or other decorations before tying them off with some ribbon!

Bottle pencil holder

This is such a cute way for kids to store their pencils! Cut your bottle in half, clean out the inside of the bottle, paint them with your favourite colour. Voila! Your bottle craft is ready! You only need a bottle and some stickers to get this project started.

diy pen holder


Bottle chalkboard

Cut the bottle in half, spray with paint and sprinkle some glitter. Tape bottle to board or make your own! This craft is effortless and can be used outside, too—kids will love this one!

Piggy bank bottle

This bottle craft is a little more complicated, but it’s worth the time! Cut your bottle in half and clean out any leftover liquid. Carefully cut or break away one of the bottle tops to create an opening for depositing money. Fill with play cash or real coins (depending on age), put some faux fur around the neck, so it looks like a pig, and glue bottle caps to the bottom for feet.

planters made with glass bottles


Decorate the bottle with rubber bands

This is another simple bottle craft that kids will love! Cut your bottle in half and paint it using whatever colours you want. Starting at the base of the bottle, wrap one colour around it tightly until you get close to where the bottleneck meets the bottle body. Wrap tightly in another colour of your choice and repeat until you get to the top. Finally, paint a face on it using acrylic paints or Sharpies for an added personal touch!

showpiece made with bottles


Bottle craft penguin

This bottle craft is perfect for the winter months. Paint your bottle white and use markers to draw on features like eyes, feet, a beak, and wings. Add some faux fur or felt at the top of the bottleneck to simulate feathers. Glue bottle caps around its bottom as penguin feet!

Bowling bottles

This bottle craft is a festive way to bring your favourite beer or soda into the game. Paint one bottle green, another bottle red, and use a third as the “pins.” Draw on numbers with permanent markers for scoring at each end of the bottle lane.

Final thoughts

With these inventive DIY bottle crafts, you can surely brighten up any spot in your home or outside! As bottles are super helpful, these bottle craft ideas can also be given as a birthday gift, mother’s day gift, etc. I hope you found your best idea! All the best crafting.

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