7 Easy Ways of Developing Your Child’s Reading Skills
Ways to Improve Reading Skills in Children

Ways to Improve Reading Skills in Children

reading skills in kids
tips to develop reading skills in children

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Did you know that many children do not read as well as they should? More importantly, did you know parents have a significant role to play in it? If your child is among those children who can barely read, it is time you do something about it. The first thing that you need to do to develop their reading skills is to see if your child has problems reading is to find out exactly what stage they are learning how to read. 

You can consult with a doctor or any person who understands this better than you. This could also be because the child’s reading skills are weak or because there is another learning disability. Either way, if your child has a reading problem, it is important to find ways to improve their skills. Let’s find out how!

how to encourage reading skills

7 Practical Tips to Improve Reading Skills in Kids

Start reading to your child from a young age

It is crucial to start reading to your child at an early stage. When a child’s brain is developing, it absorbs information readily as this period in their lives is often referred to as “golden years”. The more you read with them and the earlier they begin this activity, the better their reading skills will get.

Encourage your child to read books on their own

Once your child is comfortable with reading, they will want to try it out on their own. This is a beautiful feat, and you should encourage them in doing so. You need not worry if they cannot read fluently at the beginning as this activity will help them improve later on.

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Make your child read aloud in front of friends and family

Shyness is something that the majority of children suffer from at one time or another, especially when they are asked to speak up in front of a group of people. Once they find themselves comfortable speaking out loud regarding what they have read, their confidence improves and they begin to read more.

Find books that suit your child’s interest

Do not try to force a book on your child if they are not interested in it, as this will only make them loathe reading even more. Instead, you have to find a book that shows an interest in something they like and get them started with it. This is more important for developing reading skills in children who are a bit shy and never agree with reading either in front of you or the family.

Let your child read to you

A parent can create the most conducive environment to help their child read aloud without any hesitation. If your kid wants to read something to you or anyone else, let him do it! Don’t try and pull them away and say they are not ready to read that, as this may discourage them.

Don’t intervene too soon!

During the early stages, when your kid is trying his or her best to learn something new, don’t be a parent who keeps butting in with advice that will only create confusion for them later on. Wait for them to finish with what they have started before you start correcting them.

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Encourage your child to listen to audiobooks!

Audiobooks are a great way of improving reading skills, as listening to a story being read aloud and then trying to figure it out will help encourage the kid. Also, don’t be a parent who turns into a nagging mother or father when their kid has forgotten to listen to the audiobook.

Why are Reading Skills Necessary for Kids?

Reading helps your child to learn better.

When your kid reads, they get to encounter new words and get used to the grammar of a sentence. They will also be able to improve their vocabulary tremendously!

Reading can give your child access to new ideas.

When your kid reads, they will encounter a lot of topics that they may have never considered before. And when this happens, they are more likely to grow intellectually!

Reading helps kids become better at writing!

Your kid will learn more about good sentence structure, and they will develop better vocabulary. When they are writing their papers, later on, this can be a huge benefit!

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Reading can help your child to become more sympathetic!

When your kid reads about other people’s lives, they may also start to develop sympathy for them. And when they encounter characters that have been kind to other people in need, they create a sense of compassion and kindness that may not have existed before.

Reading can help your kid develop a better work ethic!

When your kid reads about other people working, they may start to get the message that work is a part of life. They can learn that it takes hard work if you want something in life or become someone in life.

Children who read have better communication skills and confidence!

It’s been found that children who read can communicate better – they can understand what others are saying and get their point across.

When kids read, they learn a little about everything!

When your kid reads, they can gain new knowledge in whatever subject the book is covering. They will come away from the book with whatever information it contains, whether that’s history or adventure!


It’s never too early to start improving your child’s reading skills. Learning the basics at a young age will help them succeed in school and beyond, so parents need to take steps to use every day with their children. 

We’ve provided several ideas above on how you can get started improving your child’s literacy levels today, but if any of these seem overwhelming or don’t work well with your family life, don’t worry, it’s OKAY! 

Happy reading!

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