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Why Do You Need To Set A Daily Routine For Your Child?

Why Do You Need To Set A Daily Routine For Your Child?

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A daily routine helps bring children comfort and consistency. All families need some routine to get things done and a sense of security. Children often fear the unknown, whether it’s the broccoli on their plate or moving to a new home. This is why creating a daily routine gives them a sense of safety and helps them develop self-discipline. Routines also help children understand time management.

Here Are Some Benefits Of A Daily Routine For Your Children

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  1. Eliminate Power Struggles

Children who have a daily routine tend to get used to various motions and rarely have transition problems. A child becomes comfortable and content with daily activities when it’s consistent. A consistent daily routine allows the parents and child to have fewer power struggles, fewer arguments and the willingness to do what’s expected.

  1. Establish Expectations

Our world is ruled by expectations. Whether it’s a job, parenthood, or school work, we all live with daily expectations. When you create a daily routine for children, they are better at meeting expectations and feeling proud of their accomplishments. A routine also helps children grow up well rounded and more adaptable to new changes.

  1. Builds Self-Esteem

A child who grows up with a daily routine tends to be more confident and successful in life. A daily routine allows your child to take some control of their day to day tasks and feel successful. When you create a home life environment that encourages a child to have higher self-esteem, they will grow up to feel more confident in any lifestyle.

  1. Increases Quality Time
daily routine frees up time to spend with family

Creating a daily routine eliminates the extra time involved in reminding children to do their tasks. The increased independence and eliminated power struggles lead to spending more quality time together. You may even build family time into your child’s daily schedule to enhance the bond between you and your children.

  1. Confidence & independence

With a daily routine, a child will slowly learn when to brush their teeth or put on their pyjamas. They will go through their routine and understand what needs to happen. Rather than always being micromanaged by parents, kids will feel empowered and independent. A regular routine helps create this independence, which they can later apply to their future selves.

  1. Creates Family Bonds

When a child notices regular family activities in their routines, they begin to understand what’s important. This strengthens shared values, beliefs, and interests. For example, children might notice that eating breakfast together on Saturday mornings is crucial. They can see that being with family is a special time. Even though your child may be young, they will pick up these traditions.

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  1. Establish Healthy Habits

From brushing teeth regularly to completing homework every afternoon, daily routines help create constructive habits. Establishing these better time management skills early in children’s lives will shape them into responsible adults in the future.

  1. Daily Routines Help Create Fun Traditions

A daily routine plan doesn’t have to be boring. There can be exciting yet structured ways to build them, such as including Saturday morning family time, a Friday night sports or DVD night, or even a cheap Tuesday take-out night. Routines establish boundaries and guidelines for toddlers and children. It teaches them the importance of good habits and can make family life smoother and harmonious.

Depending on your child’s age, they may need some extra help to make it through their morning routine. However, kids of all ages can start the day off by making their beds. This simple task encourages tidiness, organisation, and discipline all at once and can trigger other tasks to fall into place. 

Ideas For Your Kid’s Morning Routine:

daily routine of brushing your teeth


  1. Make the bed: Start the day by accomplishing an easy task like making the bed. 
  1. Practice good hygiene: Head to the bathroom for teeth, hair, and personal care.
  1. Get dressed: Allow your kids to pick out their own clothing — from head to toe — to promote creativity and independence.
  1. Feed the pet: Encourage responsibility by tasking your child to feed the family fish or give water to the dog each morning.
  1. Collect supplies: Backpacks, lunches, sports equipment, and house keys (for older kids) should all make it out the door.
  1. Turn off all lights: This simple reminder can save energy and money while teaching kids to be aware of their surroundings.

Your Takeaway

For most of us, our lives involve a series of patterns—routines we perform almost every day, like stopping at the same place each day for coffee on the way to work. This is also true for babies and toddlers. While we play a part in creating routines in our children’s lives, we may not fully realise the role they play in young children’s development. It’s time to analyse the importance of daily routine for kids.


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