10 Ways to help your child learn creative thinking skills
How to Instil Creative Thinking in Kids

How to Instil Creative Thinking in Kids

ways to encourage creative thinking in children

Kickstart Your Child’s Creative Thinking Abilities

Creative thinking is one of the key components of everything that we do and it is not limited to visualization but is also one of the important components for mental, social, and emotional intelligence. Creative thinkers are more flexible and a better problem solver. If you think that your child can expand their creative thinking then follow the steps mentioned below that can help you in cultivating creativity among your children!

10 Ways to Foster Creative Thinking in Your Kids

Trigger their curiosity level

As children are naturally curious about knowing things, the best way to boost their creative thinking is by triggering their curiosity level. Whenever you’re spending time with them, talk about interesting animals, ask them questions related to gravity, the color of the sky, and so on. Explaining such things would help your child in becoming more curious thus, improving their problem solving and imagination skills as well.

Explain them different ways of solving one problem

Every problem has multiple solutions, hence, if your child finds difficulty in solving any problem then make them understand that there are multiple ways to solve anything, and whatever the problem they are facing the only thing that matters is our perception to solve that problem. 

Always encourage your child to read

The other way of teaching children the skill of creative thinking is by encouraging your child to read because it is one of the best ways to express better. Not only this, but it can also help your child in developing their logical thinking and it always persuades your child to learn new things. You can also take your toddler to the library and ask your child to choose the book they would like to read. By doing this you can easily get an insight into your child’s creative thinking ability and which topics interest them the most. 

child reading to boost her creative thinking


Give your child-free time and space

Creativity often comes in silence. Thus, you must give your toddler free space to explore their imagination. Let your child sit independently for sometime everyday so that they can run their imagination in creative thinking. You can also give your child a sack of LEGOs, and let your toddler design what they are thinking, thus encouraging creativity in them.

Encourage play with open-ended toys

These are the types of toys that can be used in a variety of ways depending on your child’s mood and imagination. You can give your child blocks, molded sands, and clay, magnetic tiles, dollhouses, dress-up clothes, playdough, and puzzles that enhance your child’s mental and creative thinking skills. It is one of the best ways to understand your child’s perspectives of looking at the things around them.

child playing with blocks to explore his creative thinking abilities


Embrace all types of making

Different children have different ways of showing their creativity abilities. Some show it by making houses, a few show it by drawing, and others through writing. Every child has their own perception, thus, it’s your responsibility to encourage your children in all types of activities that can motivate them to think creatively.

Provide them with a wide range of materials

Children get deeply influenced by the toys, tools, and materials that surround them. Thus, to promote creativity among your children make sure that they have access to a wide range of materials for drawing, expressing, and crafting and it is one of the best ideas for teaching creative thinking to kids. Greater access to the resources, greater the chances of becoming creative.  

Encourage Creative role playing

There’s nothing more creative than having kids role play with either stuffed animals or dolls because they get a chance to create conversations and mold the situations in whatever way they like which is a great way to give space for creative thinking to bloom out of their minds. Hence, encouraging your child to do role play will not only help them in boosting their creativity but it can also help them in improving their social skills. 

Make use of paint

Art is one of the great ways of expressing creative thinking. Thus, buy your child some painting materials such as water and acrylic colors, paint brushes and drawing books to let your kids create anything that they wish thus, promoting their creativity skills. 


Let your child do the Dress Up

Most children like to dress because it provides them the opportunity to imagine themselves as a doctor, teacher, or anything they aspire or dream of becoming. Thus, by putting your child in other people’s shoes, help them in discovering what responsibilities other people have and what each role demands from them. Apart from developing a better understanding of other people this activity will also promote creative thinking among them. 

Your Takeaway

Thus, creativity is one of the best skills that every child should learn. It not only promotes happiness but it also helps them in solving their problems in unusual ways, hence, enhancing their problem-solving and creative thinking skills. It’s not a one-day activity. These are the types of skills that take years to be mastered and developed with time. So ensure a specific time frame each day where you can offer activities to your little ones to recognize and explore their creative abilities!


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