12 Tips for Dealing With Holiday Stress: Craft Ideas
12 Craft Ideas for Dealing With Holiday Stress

12 Craft Ideas for Dealing With Holiday Stress

craft ideas to deal with holiday stress


It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is in full swing, and you’re feeling the stress of trying to get everything done for your kids. There are many things to do, including shopping, wrapping gifts, cooking meals, making sure they have enough presents under the tree on Christmas morning, and more! Here are 12 craft ideas for kids that can help relieve some holiday stress.

Why do Children Get Stressed During the Holidays?

The holidays are an exciting time, but unfortunately, children might also find themselves feeling under a lot of pressure. It’s not easy to prepare for the family holiday meal or put up with relatives coming over that they don’t like! Kids may feel overwhelmed by all the preparations and responsibilities at this time of year–this is what we call stress! So to ease their mind, these craft activities will work!

Tiny tinsel trees

If you’re planning to give your little one a live Christmas tree, why not also include this tiny tinsel version? Your child can easily do this craft: 4-inch length of metallic pipe cleaners, sticky glue, glass bead at the end of each branch, and a cork to look like the tree pot. Kids can paint the small units with white acrylic paint before sprinkling on some glitter. Small tinsel trees with bright colors will make the home look pretty.

diy christmas decorations


Snowflake decorations

Kids will love decorating their windows with these snowflakes! Just cut out individual shapes from construction paper and write a holiday message on each design. Or your child can simply buy readymade snowflake paper decors and paint them with glitter colours.

Small snowman decoration

Need a quick and easy craft? Kids will love decorating the front door with this adorable little guy! Use white, black, orange, and green construction paper to create his body (use your child’s hand as a guide). Cut out two large eyes from a white paper or felt for the head, and use black paper to create the mouth.

Create festive egg-dyeing trays

Fill a tray with eggs of all different colours (you can also add some glitter for an extra touch). Put drops of your favourite food colouring liquid into each dish and wait for five minutes. Place the egg in a container and watch as it changes colours! Add water or vinegar until it is about halfway full.

egg tray craft ideas


Mini snow globes

Create a snow globe by filling a clear jar with water and glitter, then adding some silver foil balls for the “snow.” Stick a figurine inside (you can use an old Barbie doll or anything) to make it seem like they are part of the landscape! Add in your favourite little treasures: rocks, shells or beads.

Finger paint art

Get some paper and finger paint in your favourite colours. Your child can create tiny faces with thumbprints, a tree with an index fingerprint and can also keep the entire palm and draw on top of it. After finishing it, they can sprinkle on a bit of salt to make the paint “crackle” like snow.

finger painting


Pom pom bouquet

Making pom-poms is super fun and fulfilling! To make a pom bouquet, you can make these fluffy flowers with tiny pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and glue. Then finally, a cute little ribbon to wrap around is needed to complete this beauty.

Coloured pebbles

Boys and girls alike will love this craft. This activity is great for little ones, but be sure to supervise them closely as it can get messy! You’ll need small pebbles or rocks in a few different colours of paint. Use food colouring if you don’t have any acrylics at home. Let the kids shake their stones in colour, and then it’s time to let them dry. After the rocks have dried, you can arrange them as you like on a canvas or piece of paper.

colourful pebbles crafts


Sawtooth hangers

The sawtooth hangers are just as much fun to decorate with yarn or ribbon as they are to use! You can make your own by punching holes in an old wire coat-hanger and then wrapping it (or tying it) around what you want to hang.

Popsicle stick snowflakes

Draw a large circle on the paper of your choice and then cut it in half, making two semi-circles with the same diameter. Fold both semi-circles inwards at their centre (so they look like an owl’s eyes) so that only four tabs are sticking out. Decorate one side of the snowflake with watercolours, markers, or crayons, then glue it to a popsicle stick.

popsicle sticks crafts


A felt ornament

Cut out a basic shape in the centre of your fabric and then cut it into small strips about half an inch wide (no need to be too precise). Sew those strips together, alternating colours so that you have one strip with three pieces of one colour and two from another, for example. Turn your needle around and do a few stitches to secure it when you get to the end. Then sew up one side of the centrepiece using your thread. Your finished felt ornament should look like an apple with three little strips sticking out on either side (or any other shape you desire).

Beaded necklace or bracelets

Cut two lengths of thread and string the beads on one measurement. Fold over about an inch of fabric and sew it to create a loop that will fit around your wrist or neck. String the other piece through this loop, so now you have one end with beads hanging from it and another with a long tail. Tie off both ends at each side, and you have a beaded necklace or bracelets!

diy beaded bracelets


Final Thoughts

The holidays are a time for family and friends to get together, laugh around the table with warm food in hand, and exchange gifts. With these exciting crafts, your child will love spending time at home with you! But there is also inevitable anxiety accompanying this season of joy – namely, the stress caused by being at home always. These craft ideas above can help them have a good time. 

Happy holidays to you!


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