Homemade Craft Items - Top 14 crafting ideas for kids for entertainment
Entertainment for kids: Crafts to Help Relieve Stress

Entertainment for kids: Crafts to Help Relieve Stress

Homemade Craft Items

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The holiday season can be a stressful time of year for many individuals. The long hours, the pressure to make sure everything is just right, and the lack of sleep all contribute to this stress. However, there are some ways that you can help relieve some of your holiday stress without spending any money at all! This blog post will provide crafts for kids to do if they need entertainment or want something new and creative to do over the holidays.

Crafts for entertainment for kids

Homemade craft items for kids

Chalkboard deer ornament: 

Let your kids create their own deer ornament with chalkboard paint. They can write what they want the deer to say on it, or just draw a few artistic designs!

Candy cane home decor: 

All you need for this craft is some ribbon and candy canes. You can tie them together in knots to make a garland hung on the fireplace, or use them to decorate a vase with other Christmas flowers.

Gingerbread house: 

This is an activity that can be done by yourself and will last all week! All you need for this craft are some cookie cutters–those decorative shapes in the kitchen section of most stores usually work just fine!–and gingerbread men. You can make a house with just the gingerbread men, or you could use other cookie cutters to take it to the next level!

Decorating your Christmas tree: 

Entertainment for kids

Alt+text- entertainment for kids: decorating Christmas tree

Start by gathering some of those old Christmas cards that are taking up space in your drawers and tearing them into small pieces. Have fun decorating your tree with those pieces and adding some of your favorite ornaments.

Crafting a christmas ornament: 

This is one craft you can do at any time, really! You’ll need to grab an extra piece of cardboard, as well as two white sheets–one for painting onto, and one for the base.

Christmas Card Painting: 

This is fun, the best entertainment, and a creative way to pass time this season! All you need are some paintbrushes, watercolor paints, paint paper or canvas–whatever you prefer–and Christmas cards from your own collection. Choose what colors of paint you want to use on each card, then go ahead and paint away!

Recipes for holiday food:

What’s one of the most popular things to do this time of year? Eat, right!? One thing you can’t forget is the recipes. Ah yes, if there are any family favorites that need a little updating or new ideas to try out–you’re in luck because we have plenty of recipes to keep you cooking all season long

Yule Log: 

This holiday favorite is the best yet simple way for entertainment for kids. Take an old sheet, lay it on top of your bed, and place kindling at one end. Light this up, then lie down next to it! You can also make a Yule log from scratch

Snowman decoration: 

If there is snow on the ground, it’s a great time to make your own snowman. Gather up some large


If you’re hosting Christmas dinner this year, don’t forget to put out stockings for all of your guests, only for entertainment. You can either go with something simple or really get creative and do some sort of theme like Santa’s elves.

Wall painting: 

If you’re feeling like the holidays are just one thing after another, try painting a wall to calm your nerves. You can paint it with whatever colors you want and make some abstract designs or create something that reminds you of what’s important in life.

Paint eggshells:

Entertainment for kids

Alt+text- painting eggshells is another entertainment for kids

If there is nothing on TV this Christmas Eve night, try painting some eggshells and create a little scene on your windowsill.


If you’re feeling down, make something with chenille to take your mind off of things for the night. I guarantee that’s the best entertainment package you will forever love. You can use it as wrapping paper or craft some homemade cards to give away!


Entertainment for Kids

For entertainment, give everyone in the house a sheet of paper and have them put their handprint on it. Then tape all the sheets together to make one giant mural for everyone!


Homemade craft items for Kids

Alt+text- entertainment for kids is a must

The holidays are a time to spend with family and loved ones and some entertainment, so this article is not about how to get away from it all. Instead, we’ve provided some great crafts for kids that can help relieve stress during the holiday season – or any other time of year. These ideas should provide hours of fun while also giving your child something productive to do instead of watching TV or playing video games! Whether it is summer break and you need an activity to keep the little one busy, or you have a kiddo at home, these cute and clever crafts will surely work for them. Bonus, they will find it entertaining to cherish the moment forever.

If you have additional suggestions for creative ways parents can use craft projects to promote mental health in their children please share below in the comments section.


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