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Holiday Stress-Busting Craft Ideas For Kids

Holiday Stress-Busting Craft Ideas For Kids

Holiday Stress-Busting Ideas For Kids


craft ideas for kids

Every year, around this time, parents start to feel the holiday stress. The holidays are a hectic and stressful time of year for most people, but it doesn’t have to be! Stress is a killer. We should do everything in our power to avoid stress because it will make us sick, tired and depressed, all very negative emotions! If you don’t want to go crazy this holiday season, then try one or all of the following stress-busting craft ideas for kids that our team has narrowed down for you.

9 Relaxing Creative Craft Ideas For Kids

craft ideas for kids

Create a holiday snow globe

If you need a few minutes of peace, this is the perfect craft for you. It’s straightforward to create, doesn’t take up much space, and most importantly, uses simple materials readily available in any home.

Decoupage a cardboard box

Have you ever gone to the store and bought something that was packaged in a beautiful box? Did it make you wish that the actual object could be as unique as its packaging? Well, now this is possible with decoupage! You can turn any small item into a work of art when you decoupage it. This craft also offers an excellent opportunity to talk to your children about recycling and how we can use things in new ways.

Sew something special for the holidays

If you’re one of those moms who like sewing, you should take advantage of this idea! Making cute little dresses for dolls or stuffed animals is not only fun for your child, but it’s an educational process. It will give you a chance to teach your child about colours and cutting patterns, not to mention needlework, which is a pretty helpful skill that they can use in later life.

Create your storybook

Storytelling is an essential skill that every child should learn at some point in their life. You can make your storybook to read during the holiday season and spend some quality time with your children listening to the stories you’ve made up! They can help you draw pictures or even write the plot for one page if they are old enough.

Bake some delicious cookies or cupcakes

Your children will love it if you allow them to help in the kitchen, be it baking a batch of cookies or preparing a delicious dessert for the family. It is also an excellent opportunity for teaching them about cooking and recipes.

Gift painting

Allow your child to choose a gift that they want to paint and then sit down with them and have a go at creating something beautiful together. If they are too young, let them choose their favourite characters from nursery rhymes and develop the character on a canvas.

Come up with different craft ideas for cute little puppets

Purchase a pack of colourful sock puppets and some fabric paint. Allow your child to create new characters for their puppet collection and then host a puppet show with the entire family.

Make paper cards

This is a great way to keep the children occupied for hours on end, especially if they are going through a tricky or stressful time. All you’ll need is some coloured paper, glue, scissors and card stock to make a gorgeous handmade paper card for someone special.

Practice origami with them

Turn the dining room table into an origami crafting station for hours of creative fun. This is another excellent way for your little ones to take out their stress by creating new things from familiar material.

Benefits Of Craft Ideas And Activities For Kids

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Craft ideas are a great way to help your child express their feelings

It’s not always easy for children to talk about how they feel. That’s why it can be helpful to have different ways to communicate their emotions and ideas without using words.

Craft ideas create happy memories

We all know that we are more likely to remember things that make us happy. That’s why doing meaningful activities with our children can help them create positive memories that they will reflect on when they’re older.

Craft ideas are suitable for the brain!

When we do creative things like craft ideas and art projects, it helps stimulate the different parts of our brain and initiates cerebral stimulation.

Craft ideas are an excellent way to encourage your child’s independence

Whether you have an only child at home or a household filled with siblings, it can be hard to keep track of every one of them. Having different crafts ideas and activities for kids that they can do on their own gives them the chance to make their own choices, discover their interests and develop their sense of independence.


craft ideas for kids

To help you and your family have the most beautiful holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite craft ideas for kids. These activities are designed to keep little ones busy and ensure they enjoy themselves while making memories with their families. Whether it be an ornament or a personalized stocking, these fun crafts will make this vacation one that is truly special for your family. In addition to crafting, you can do many other things with your children during the holidays, including reading books together and cooking delicious dishes from around the world! What kind of traditions does your family partake in? We hope you find these helpful as well as entertaining all at once!

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