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Why is the Development of Cognitive Skills in Children Important?

Why is the Development of Cognitive Skills in Children Important?

learn the importance of cognitive skills in children and how to develop them


“The aim of education is not all about increasing the knowledge but to create the possibilities for young minds to invent and discover, to create a successful future who are capable enough of doing new things.”

Jean Piaget

These were said by Jean Piaget A Swiss psychologist who is most famously known for his theory of developing cognitive skills in children that looked at how children develop intellectually throughout the course of childhood. He has depicted the whole concept in a truly awesome way. Kids develop skills the way builders construct a house. They start with a base. What gets built on that base at different stages of development determines how the house would look like.

Similarly, watching children learn can be a lot like passing a construction site daily. While sometimes you may notice the house going up faster than you expected, and at times, you may not see any changes happening. Be it whatever, know that there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

Cognitive skills in children, in easy words, are all about the ability to grasp information and analyze the cause and effect. There are many studies that reveal that the formative years of children are extremely important phases when it comes to brain development. And what could be better than Kindergarten? Yes, it’s the right period of developing tremendous cognitive skills in children. Children this age are undergoing a lot of change very quickly and are learning to see the world in many new ways. These core cognitive skills in children will help them be successful at an early age and build upon those skills as they get older. 

Why are cognitive skills in children important?

Cognitive skills in children provide children with the means of paying attention to thinking about the world around them. And help them to create a strong impact on every child through the regular experience. Besides everything, cognitive development increases a child’s working memory, attention, and ability to respond to the experiences and information they experience every day. 

Cognitive Skills

Things to do to help kids develop cognitive skills 

Talk to your baby

You can start doing this while you’re pregnant. One crucial aspect of a child’s cognitive development is language learning. Research has proven that kids acquire such abilities long before birth. At birth, babies recognize their mother’s voice and discriminate between the language that is usually spoken and foreign languages. It is crucial for the mother to keep up communication with her bud, even when the child is still in her womb.

Help your baby learn the names of different objects

Once your baby is born, continue talking to him or her, and share the names of commonly used objects. Talking to them boosts their brain power and helps them to learn languages faster.

Singing in front of them and helping them read is the key

It is believed that music helps develop healthy cognitive skills in children as it soothes and creates a positive attitude and environment.

Answer your child’s questions

As your kids grow up and start asking questions, please make sure you answer them accurately and patiently. Children are naturally curious. Parents should whet their children’s curiosity since it will help them learn.

Let your kids explore and experiment


Kids have a natural curiosity for the things around them. They often should be allowed to explore and learn something by observing. Overprotective parents may actually hinder their child’s natural growth and learning.

What happens when kids miss out on cognitive development skills?


Sometimes young minds fail to hit age-appropriate cognitive skill milestones. Since every child is different and meets milestones at his own pace, failing to meet the mark doesn’t mean they have a learning disability. If you’re concerned about the lack of development of cognitive skills in children, don’t ignore the warning signs. Speak to their teacher or pediatrician about your concerns.

They may decide to evaluate your kid for learning disabilities if they agree that your kid’s cognitive development appears to be delayed. If your kid has a learning disability, you need to seek help as soon as possible before the disability stymies his academic advancement. Many kids with learning disabilities go on to pursue higher education and lead fulfilling and productive lives. So, getting such youth the right help when they’re still small can make all the difference.




The learning opportunity that we offer to our kids sets the stage for a holistic development vital to understanding the world and reacting appropriately to complex situations. The challenge for us is teaching a learning process that can ignite and bring together several brain faculties such as learning ability, memory retention, analytical thinking, and decision making. Several other dimensions are also important at an early age to achieve age-related milestones in developing cognitive skills without fail.

The development of Cognitive skills in children is a combination of a process of teaching and nurturing. The need of the hour is a tool that can simplify this process. Also, the same tool should ensure that they are fun-filled to make learning and development a joyous experience for the children. Only then can we find them immersed in the learning process as they embark upon the journey to explore and learn new things. Searching for that great place? No wonder Sparklebox is the best thing to happen for your kids.

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