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Get Ready for the Holidays with These Board Games for Kids

Get Ready for the Holidays with These Board Games for Kids

Guide to Board Games for Kids


Holidays excite every toddler. The happiness of being at home, not waking up early turns out to be the best feeling from getting anything else in the world. This period seems to be fun and joyful for kids but at the same time, it becomes the responsibility of every parent to involve their kids in the games and activities that can lead to the holistic development of their child. Board games for kids can be a great choice for this holiday period.

Let’s explore with us what are the best board games options for your toddlers this holiday season:

Board Games For Kids You Can Play With The Entire Family

Card Games:

One of the most exciting board games for kids among all is the card game.  Classic favourites like Uno and Poker are always bestsellers, but there’s plenty of variety as well – go with your family’s favourite! You can never play enough of Scrabble or Apples to Apples, and best of all, your kids can play too!

Puzzle Board Games:

The second most exciting board games for kids are puzzles. Puzzles are a great way for the whole family to get together while working on something fun. Kids often spend hours building an interlocking puzzle or sudoku, but it will be time well spent! Check out your favourite bookstore and grab a jigsaw or logic puzzle for some family fun!

Strategy Games:

The third most exciting board games for kids are strategy games. Strategy games are best played with the whole group. Try setting up your strategy game like Monopoly or Risk on a big table, then get out everyone’s favourite snacks to share while you play.

a child playing Board Games for Kids

Thriller Games:

The fourth most exciting board games for kids are thriller games. You’re a nail-biter if your favourite type of game has suspense until the very end when they find out who won. Try playing Scrabble or Boggle so that everyone can be on the edge of their seat and guessing ’till the end.

Standard Board Games:

The fifth most exciting board games for kids are standard board games. It’s always best to start on a game everyone already knows, like Sorry or Chutes & Ladders. That way you can teach new games more easily as your friends get better at them! And if it turns out that they want something different? You’re in luck. You can teach them a whole new game!

Group Board Games:

The sixth most exciting board games for kids are group board games. If you’re throwing an event, it’s best to have games lying around that appeal to everyone. Try these party-favourite ideas: Charades or Heads Up so people who don’t know the rules can still participate and get into the fun; Jenga because there’s never enough Jenga; and Taboo or Categories so everyone can get creative!

Board Games for Kids played on a bed

Tips For Buying Educational Board Games For Kids

You want a game that kids would like to play over and over again. Make sure it’s not too hard, but it also doesn’t have pieces that will get lost or broken easily. And try buying board games for kids with cards instead of dice – that way, you can customize the amount of luck in the game.

Tips For Playing Board Games For Kids Are:

  • Have everyone take turns reading questions and giving answers. Make sure people are clear on how to play before starting! – Take your time answering each question, so nobody gets frustrated with trying to outsmart someone else or wrestling for control over their turn.
  • If some people are faster than others, allow them to play twice in a row, so everyone gets equal time and opportunity for questions.
  • Choose games that best suit the age group of your child or children. The best game is not necessarily one with more pieces!

A Few Board Games For Kids To Consider:

kids playing mystery game

Hi, Ho Cherry-O (age 6+)

This game is best for children who are already comfortable with reading small numbers. This game has one spinner, twelve large playing pieces, 18 cards of cherries on trees or rocks that you can play in the order desired, and a rule sheet with more than thirty-five different actions.

Battleship (age 8+)

It’s best for children old enough to read numbers and enjoy guessing games involving strategy. This game has two players who each have ten pieces in five colours on their side of the board; one player uses red while the other uses blue. The players take turns on the board and try to guess where their opponent’s pieces are. Each time a player guesses correctly, earn points for those squares.

Cranium (age 6+)

This game is one of the board games for kids who want something more challenging than Monopoly or Scrabble but not as difficult as Battleship or Risk. This game has various activities and challenges, like designing a new flavour of ice cream, inventing a best-selling toy in five minutes, and writing the best postcard from different places around the world. An important part is that all players are involved at all times. You can’t just sit back while someone else does all the work.

cards on table

Uno (age 6+)

Uno is perfect for those who are bored with traditional card games like Old Maid or Crazy Eights but want something that is still really easy to learn. It’s great for younger children because it takes only a few minutes to play, and the winner does not need to be determined by one best hand, but rather by who gets rid of all their cards first.

Monopoly (age 8+)

The game is designed for competitive kids who enjoy playing “money” games like Deal or No Deal. It’s also suitable for experienced players because it has more strategy than other board games while still being easy for beginners.

Risk (age 12+)

The game is for those who enjoy playing games that involve some level of strategy but don’t want something too deep or complicated. It’s best suited for experienced players due to the complexity of gameplay and a sophisticated ruleset.

Scattergories (Age 8+)

It’s best for experienced players who love word games as it requires a lot of mental alertness to come up with creative answers quickly.

educational board games


Best for anyone wanting an easy game that can be played by the whole family but is still challenging and fun. It’s suitable for players of all ages to enjoy but is best played by those over eight years old and have some experience with games.


Whether you’re looking for board games for kids and adults or just want to find something fun and creative to do on a date night, we have some great suggestions. We hope our quick summary of what each offers makes it easier for you to choose the board games. 

Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift idea or need help deciding which board game would be best suited for your own family’s needs, there is something on this list that fits every preference.

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