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What Are the Best DIY Robot Kits for Kids?

What Are the Best DIY Robot Kits for Kids?

Best DIY Robot Kits for Kids
DIY robotics kits for children


One of the best gifts you can give a child is a robotics kit. Robots are one of the most popular toys in children’s playrooms, with many different styles and types on the market. A Beginner robotics kit ranges from expensive to cheap, with various features and purposes for various age groups. In this blog post, we will be looking at 11 DIY robot kits that have been rated as some of the best on the market today!

DIY robot kits for children

What Are DIY Robot Kits?

DIY robot kits are kits that are used for the construction of robots or other mechanisms. A typical robotics kit includes a set of parts that one can assemble to create one of several different designs, such as an animal walker or a simple all-terrain vehicle.

These best DIY robot kits include simple designs like wheels, pulleys, gears, and levers to more complex contraptions such as catapults. Kids will also learn about basic engineering concepts while using the different parts of the set. If you want your child to have fun learning, then this is an excellent choice!

10 DIY Robot Kits Children Must Check Out!

DIY robot kits for children

Lego Robotics Kit:

These DIY robot kits are for children from the age of nine and up. It is an excellent choice for those who want to start exploring robotics early in their lives, but it may not be appropriate for small children as they might find some Legos challenging to use.

Robot Commander:

This kit includes items that can teach kids about binary code, programming languages such as LOGO or Python, circuitry basics, and more!

Sparklebox Fire Detection Robot:

Children get to experience building a robot from scratch that can detect fire! All materials required to make this robot are included in this robotics kits Bangalore. This activity is ideal for children of ages 10 and above. From problem-solving to applying their creativity, kids learn many STEM skills with this DIY robot. 

Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set (ages 6+) :

This beginner robotics kit teaches kids coding while having fun with over 40 activities. It teaches them how to program robots using various games! The mouse robot allows you to learn all sorts of skills such as logical thinking and problem solving without ever downloading anything on your computer! 

kids watching a DIY Robot

Brio Mini Starter Set:

Brio is a toy train system for children to build their own railways from scratch. It’s an excellent way to encourage imaginative play in young children while teaching them the fundamentals of engineering at the same time. Once they’ve mastered building with this starter set, they’ll be able to expand their skills by adding bridges over chasms and tunnels through mountains using other sets.

LEGO Education EV/Engineering Kit:

Children learn how engineers design solutions and make decisions to use these important problem-solving skills when facing challenges in their own lives.


Code and create with the LEGO Mindstorms EV/Engineering robotics kit! This is a perfect introduction to programming, coding, engineering, robotics, and more for kids aged between eight and twelve years old who are new to STEM subjects or interested in these topics.

Vex IQ Robotics Kit:

Use the VEX IQ Robotics Kit to build and program robots in various configurations. One can use it for all levels of robotics competition, from beginner to advanced, with more than 12 sets that you can combine into any robot configuration you need!

Wonder Workshop Fidget Spinner Builder Kit:

Let’s get creative by building our own fidget spinners from durable plastic pieces. And you finish assembling it; it will work as well as store-bought ones!

Hexbug Spider Building Set:

Completely wireless, controlled via Bluetooth or WiFi, this little Hexbug will scurry around your house looking for new places to explore and hideouts to call its very own.

What Are the Benefits of DIY Robot Kits?

importance of robots

Following are the benefits of playing and learning with DIY robot kits for children:

  1. It is an excellent way to build logical thinking skills.
  2. Provides a platform for experimentation and innovation in robotics, giving children an understanding that there are many possibilities out there when it comes to how you can use robots.
  3. It also allows kids to experiment with different concepts related to engineering and technology, which will help them learn more about their field of interest while still having fun!
  4. Integrates STEM learning into playtime activities so little ones get better at science, math, engineering, and programming along the way; this is because they’re playing rather than just sitting in front of a screen all day long!
  5. DIY robot kits inspire a passion for STEM subjects and creativity in children.


There are a lot of DIY robot kits in the market for children. Here is our list of the top 10 best robotics kits to help you make an informed decision about which one would be suitable for your child according to their interest and capabilities. We hope these robotics kits will help your child develop their STEM learning abilities and spark an interest in the field of robotics!

Happy learning!

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