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5 Simple Best Out of Waste Crafts for Kids

5 Simple Best Out of Waste Crafts for Kids

best out of waste craft ideas for children

Explore Creativity with Best Out of Waste

Do you ever wonder how to make the best out of waste that piles up in your house? Have you ever found yourself picking through a pile of recyclables and wondering how to make something new out of them? We’ll show you how. You can make the best out of waste crafts that will keep kids busy for hours as they explore their creativity and imagination skills. 

A lot of people throw out recyclable materials without realizing that they could be used to make arts and crafts. The best thing about this is that you can teach your children how to do it so they will learn the importance of recycling early on in life. Creative best out of waste crafts is a great way to create something really cool for your family while also recycling. 

5 Super Easy DIY Best Out of Waste Crafts

Recycling is a habit that we should instil in our children at a young age for the sake of the environment. Creativity and learning are also developed while doing this fun activity. Here are 5 best creative art and craft DIYs that you can easily make out of the waste material.

Origami Box

Have you ever seen those pretty origami boxes that people use to store all sorts of things? Well, now you can make them yourself with little to no effort. All you need is the best out of waste paper or any other paper material that can be folded like origami. 



With some imagination and a good folding technique, you should be able to make really pretty and organized boxes that can be used as containers for small trinkets or items. Making these creative and easy origami boxes are also a great way for kids to practice and help teach them origami. This can be a fun learning activity for them.

Egg Carton Flowers

Egg cartons are quite a use-and-throw material, but you can make best out of waste beautiful little flowers out of them. All you need to do is cut three petals out of the egg carton using your sharpest knife. Flatten it and make the edges of each petal rounded. After that, cut out three smaller circles from a piece of paper and glue them in between the edges of each petal to make them look like they are covered with some kind of corolla or a delicate flower calyx. If you are doing this creative and fun activity with your kids, make sure that they don’t touch sharp objects like knives, blades and scissors. 

best out of waste with egg cartons


If you are going to use the egg carton flowers to decorate your house for Easter, firstly draw a smiley face on each one of them and then paint them in bright colours. Ask your child to do some colouring on the egg carton flowers. Paint them with non-toxic tempera paints or acrylic paints in bright and vivid colours. You can also let your children select their favourite colour and make a whole bouquet of egg carton flowers as a best out waste activity using just that one particular shade.

Paper Lanterns

There are many things in the market that you can use to make paper lanterns, but why not try out this fun DIY? This is a really popular DIY project among beginners and kids who love to make these paper lanterns. All you need are some scrap best out of waste papers of any kind and a hole punch. Also glue, wire or ribbon to hang the lanterns is needed for this DIY project. Cut out different shapes and sizes of paper, fold them and punch holes on both sides. Punching holes will ensure that you can string the lanterns together easily. Now all you need to do is glue it together and hang it! 

paper lanterns


As an added fun, why not make a paper chain and hang your lanterns all across the room? This will be great for hanging in your kid’s bedroom or even to decorate your home during festivals. The best part is that your kid will love to create these best out waste paper lanterns while learning the basics of arts and crafts.

Medicine Box

Every house must have a medicine kit/box. But why spend money on buying ready-made ones from the market when you can just make your own? These DIY best out of waste medicine boxes can be made from shoe boxes or cardboard. All you need are some basic craft material and your child’s imagination. Cut out the shoebox in the desired shape. Wrap it with some scrap paper or glossy paper for a better look. Decorate the box with paint and stickers, add some ribbons or even a name tag to make your own medicine box. This fun learning activity will increase your child’s creative skills and they will also learn how to be resourceful.

shoe box craft


Paper Snowflakes

Winter is yet to arrive but the cold days are already here. A fun activity to do with your child is making cute paper snowflakes. Go on a scrap paper hunt and cut out some huge pieces of paper from the dry waste bin. These can be used for countless art and craft best out of waste projects, so don’t throw them away just yet! Your child will have fun making these snowflakes as their creativity will be unleashed.

 best out of waste paper snowflakes



The list of creative ways you can reuse products to make best out of waste crafts is endless. You could try painting on an old cereal box or use it as a canvas for your next masterpiece. If you’re looking to make arts and crafts with your kids, these 5 ideas are perfect! 

With MySparklebox Art and Craft Kits, your little ones can start their creative journey as early as 4 years old! 


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