12 amazing DIY crafts you can try now with your toddler and preteen!
Easy DIY Crafts for Kids you Can Try Now!

Easy DIY Crafts for Kids you Can Try Now!

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An Activity Full of Fun and Learning

It’s always a fun challenge to come up with new projects for kids to do. DIY crafts can be a lot of fun for both the parents as well as the children. There are so many different types of crafting that you could do with your children such as making soap or origami. 

This article lists 10 easy DIY craft projects for kids which is perfect for those who want something simple but also creative! Keep your little ones busy and interested with these DIY, kid-friendly projects. We’ve included a few that are perfect for toddlers through preteens. 

6 Amazing DIY Crafts Ideas for Toddlers 

There are many DIY crafts out here, we’ll name you some so you know what you can try next!

DIY teething bracelet 

DIY teething bracelets make for the most adorable art your little one can wear around their wrists. These are simple yet elegant and your toddler will enjoy wearing this even as they get older because it is so cute! 

teething bracelet diy crafts


DIY felt flowers hair clips

Another diy project aimed at toddlers, these diy felt flowers are adorable for little girls’ hair. Even the younger ones will be able to wear these on their own without a problem and you can help them with this one if they need it. 

DIY claptrap toy 

A diy craft project to get your child interested in making their toys is the diy claptrap toy. This will have them busy for hours listening to it and you can even customize this diy toy with different colors, design, or themes they love. 

DIY mini paper bag puppets 

With this diy you are helping your child learn to express themselves. This diy mini paper bag puppet is easy for even toddlers to make with a little help from mom and dad. 

DIY bunny toys 

These diy bunny toys are super cute but also very simple. Toddlers love doing this dIY craft as it is easy and fun for them. 

DIY diy egg box art 

This diy craft project will not only help your child learn how to paint but also how to draw, cut out their designs, and so much more. They are also going to have so much fun making this diy egg box art project. 

6 DIY Crafts for Pre-teens 

DIY’s keep changing according to the age of your child! We have a couple of really good DIY crafts you can ask your preteen to try out over here.

 diy crafts for preteens


DIY Jewelry box 

This diy jewelry box will not only help your preteen learn how to sew but also will help them learn about organization. The diy craft project is very easy and fun to do with a little supervision from you, the parent. 

DIY rock painting set

This diy craft activity is also helpful for stimulating cognitive development as well as fine motor skills. It’s a diy project that kids will love to do, especially for a special preteen diy birthday party favour or diy holiday gift. 

Nature DIY activity 

This diy craft project is very easy and fun to do with your preteen. They are sure to be proud of what they make, especially when they use the diy craft to create diy gifts for special occasions. 

diy crafts with leaves


Recycled DIY box lanterns 

This DIY activity draws upon multiple skills such as creativity and problem solving, it also encourages your child to think outside of the box! It’s simple enough for even a diy preschooler to diy. 

French DIY flower cards 

This diy craft project is easy enough for a diy kindergarten or diy first grade child to make on their own, it can be used as diy birthday party favors and looks great on the diy gift table at the diy holiday party. 

DIY sock puppet 

A diy diy sock puppet is a fun diy craft to make and the diy diy sock puppet can be decorated in any way you like. This DIY project draws upon multiple skills such as creativity and problem solving. 

puppet soch diy craft


Benefits of Doing DIY Crafts with your Child

Enhanced bonding 

This is true, diy crafts are a great way to bond with your preschooler. A diy project allows you and your child to spend quality time together in creative play, building language skills and communication skills for the child. 

Strengthened family relationships

A diy craft gives you a chance to spend quality time with your child. You get to learn more about each other through the process of solving problems together. In addition, it is a great way to strengthen family relationships between siblings and parents because what one person cannot do, another in the family can. 

Cognitive development of the child 

When you are working on a diy craft project with your preschooler, be sure to guide them along and make it into something that has meaning. Let them build their creations, which is also a great way for them to develop fine motor skills. 

diy craft help develops cognitive skills in children


Learn about different materials 

You can also use homemade diy projects for kids as a way to learn about different materials such as wood, cloth, cardboard, and other similar materials. Most of these items are found in every home. 

Problem-solving skills 

Another benefit that comes from doing diy crafts with your child is teaching them how to solve problems. If they don’t have the right materials for a certain project, you can use it as an opportunity to help them learn how to find other alternatives. 

Explore their creativity skills 

Your child can explore their creativity skills by doing diy projects. Some of these items can be creative in a way that will teach them more about different things. 

 diy crafts help children explore their creativity


Improve social skills 

If you have kids who are engaged in some sort of activity with other people, such as building a birdhouse or bookcase, it will help them become more social and friendly. 


Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or friend of the family, it can be easy to get caught up in all your own responsibilities. But don’t forget about how important it is for kids to engage with their parents and do some DIY crafts together. You may not have time every day but make sure that when you do find time for these activities you give them as much attention as possible! 

Children are learning so many valuable skills like problem-solving through trial-and-error and following instructions correctly. It also offers great opportunities for quality bonding moments between children and adults alike! If this sounds like something that would interest you then follow and enjoy the DIY activities listed above!


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