Attention and Concentration Problems in Kids and measures to overcome it
10 Tips On How To Increase Your Child’s Attention and Concentration

10 Tips On How To Increase Your Child’s Attention and Concentration

Attention and Concentration in kids


The concentration power in children is crucial when it comes to learning. One of the common concerns every parent has is how to improve concentration in their children. Here are some effective strategies to assist your kid to increase his or her concentration quickly and simply. 

dividing tasks into smaller ones

1. Split Big Tasks into Small Tasks

The first tip to enhance attention and concentration is to divide a big task into a small task. A big task requires too much concentration and discipline for kids. So, it might be a good idea to divide it into smaller tasks. You can apply this when he does his homework, does housework, or learns new skills. Carrying out small tasks can lead to the completion of a larger project, making the project look less intimidating and easier to focus on. It also gives the feeling of progress and movement.

Big tasks require more time, dedication, and focus to complete. It might seem intimidating and can lead to reluctance and procrastination. A small task, meanwhile, seems easier to carry out, and it creates less resistance.

2. Reducing Distractions

The second tip to enhance attention and concentration is reducing distractions. Unless getting engaged in something they are really interested in, children might find it hard to screen out distractions. You need to keep the environment as distraction-free as possible so that they can learn, study or carry out tasks easily.

Let your kid stay away from television, loud music, noises, and anything else that might distract his attention.

Get rid of distractions

3. Television and Cell Phones

The third tip to enhance attention and concentration is by putting control on television and cell phones. It is not a good idea to watch TV while doing homework, since it distracts attention. Text messages and social media also interrupt your child’s concentration power. Encourage and teach your child not to read text messages while studying and doing homework.

4. Doing homework at the Same Time Every Day

The fourth tip to enhance attention and concentration is doing homework at the same hour every day. Repeating the same activity daily at the same time can eventually turn into a habit. If a child sits down for homework every day at the same time, after a while, when the moment comes, there will be less effort required to focus. The mind will automatically come to know that the time for homework has arrived. Then, he will be more willing to study.

5. Give Them Enough Physical Activity

The fifth tip to enhance attention and concentration is to give them enough physical activity. Some physical activity, like playing, running, or other sports, between study and tasks, is a great way to discharge extra energy. It helps him be less restless, nullify boredom, and make it easier to focus.

increase attention concentration while having fun

6. Let Children Have Play and Fun

The sixth tip is to enhance attention and concentration to let children have play and fun. Your child’s brain gets tired and feels overwhelmed if you give him too many tasks and involve him in each and every activity. As a parent, you should allow them enough time for pleasure and fun, so they don’t feel too pressured.

7. Enough Rest

Ensure that the child gets enough sleep at night and rest during the day.

8. Set Time to Complete a Goal

The eighth tip to enhance attention and concentration is to set a time for the completion of a goal. Set a time for completing a goal, like ten or twenty minutes. It can force the kid to focus on finishing the goal within the time limit. However, be careful with this since some children might find setting time limits too stressful. It could cause them anxiety and disturb their focus.

9. Let Them Play Focus Oriented Games 

The ninth tip to enhance attention and concentration is to let them get involved in the games that require focus. You can train and strengthen the focusing ability of your child by playing games that require thinking. There are a lot of such games that you can find in stores. When your child focuses and plans with the use of memory, he will feel fun and concentrate completely on it.

Child struggling with concentration

10. Allow Some Time before Every New Task

When your child is busy, allow a few minutes of rest between finishing the task and starting the new one. It would prevent exhaustion and inner resistance.

Concentration Activities for kids that impair concentration

Concentration trouble can affect the things going around you. Common causes include interruptions, distractions from your family members, and social media notifications. Concentration difficulties can also cause many underlying mental or physical health conditions.

Issues caused by ADHD


Some common ones include:

  • ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) can create challenges for learning and memorization for both children and adults. It’s usually characterized by a persistent pattern of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. Treatment can help improve symptoms.
  • Another challenge that can affect concentration, memory, and learning is Cognitive dysfunction or impairment. This is one of the serious issues that can include developmental delays or disabilities, brain injuries, or neurological conditions that cause problems with proper brain function.
  • Untreated mental health concerns such as anxiety primarily involve changes in mood and other emotional symptoms. It can also make it difficult to focus, concentrate, or learn and remember new information. You might also find it harder to focus on work or school when under a lot of stress.
  • Lastly, concussions and other head injuries can affect concentration and memory.


There are many children in and around the world who struggle with attention issues. As a parent, you can take measures to help improve concentration for your kids. All it takes is a little extra thought and work on your part to bring significant change for your children.


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