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Art & Craft Activities for Kids

A good art & craft workshop can provide endless inspiration and guidance.Whether you love painting ,sketching ,doing origami, or simply sprucing up your home with some good DIY projects, there is something for everyone.Elevate your creativity to the next level by performing new ideas with us.

SparkleBox for the first time brings you an Art n Craft Workshop for young learners above the age of 7 , in which they can discover and showcase the artist in them learn awesomeness of craft and make Christmas weekend merry by Rajitha Krishnaanand (Working in orchids from last 2yrs in art department as an art & dance teacher) &

Shameena Kasim

(Working in orchids from last 2yrs in art department as an arts teacher)

performing some art n craft activities which will be demonstrated live by 

The workshop will be on 2nd January, from 4;30 pm on the topic of “Making Kite from Newspaper.” It will be carried out through the Zoom app. Students are requested to

1. Long ruler

2. Newspaper

3. glue

4. glitter tape/cello tape

5. nylon thread

6. Sticks from Coconut Broom stick

7. Marker or pencil

8. Scissors

register beforehand and keep the following materials handy 

Registration Link:

Register with us and engage yourself in a fun and creative evening.All the workshop attendees will get certificates from Sparklebox. Hope to see you all!


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