Art and craft is a language that increases expressive capacity in children!
Art and Craft- Their Role in the Development of Children

Art and Craft- Their Role in the Development of Children

art and craft helps in child development


Creativity involved in art and crafts play a fundamental role in the development of a child. From paper to colors, hands-on activities are fun for any age, both at home and while cruising.

Art  and craft is a language that increases expressive capacity in children through different elements; In this way, creativity and imagination are strengthened and play a very important role in the learning process , since these two elements benefit the children’s development.

a child doing art and craft

When a child draws, paints or carries out other artistic expression activities , he or she is inadvertently expressing emotions and feelings. Therefore, art and craft is a relevant strategy for education in all areas.

Art and craft for kids plays a more important role than we believe in the education of children. In addition to stimulating the learning of other subjects, such as reading or mathematics, painting, drawing or modeling are essential activities for the development of perception, motor skills or social interaction.

The Priceless Contribution of Art and Craft

Among various studies, students revealed that those who had a close relationship with art, inside or outside the classroom, scored significantly higher and had less risk of failure at school than those who lacked that experience. Painting, drawing, playing a musical instrument, modeling, singing and other crafts for kids are basic activities for the biological, educational and emotional development of children.

But they are also a spiritual necessity. Through them they learn to explore the environment around them, they become aware of themselves and others. Your contribution can be grouped into the following areas:

Developing fine motor skills

Most all the easy arts and crafts projects involve moving your hands and fingers. These movements involve fine motor skills and improve overall muscle strength and control over movements. When your child colors or does a craft project, his motor skills gradually increase.

Increase dexterity

Crafts increase agility in children, and with practice, manual dexterity will improve over time. With regular practice, your child will gain speed, and as his skills improve, his artistic abilities will increase as well.

kids doing art and craft

Improves hand-eye coordination

Arts and crafts often require sharp hand-eye coordination. Starting at a young age will only make it that much better. The more children practice, the better their hand-eye coordination will be. This will help them in almost every area of ​​life, including their desire to excel in sports.

Increase self-esteem

Arts and crafts activities create a sense of accomplishment within children and boost their self-esteem. Teaching a child to create something tells them they are in control. This will create immense confidence in them.

Encourage self-expression

Arts and crafts are a great way to allow children to express themselves. Arts and crafts can bring out hidden feelings and emotions in introverted children. Also, all energy can be channeled into positive endeavors and give children a sense of accomplishment.

Helps to socialize

Interacting with other children with the same interests gives them the opportunity to socialize and build friendships. When parents join children in their arts and crafts projects, it helps to strengthen their bond.

Promotes innovation and creativity

Arts and crafts provide a platform for children to create new things. It makes them think differently and innovate. The ability to solve problems that the child encounters when undertaking a work project promotes creativity. In short, crafts will make your children more resourceful and versatile.

a child writing numbers

Improve decision-making skills

Solving artistic challenges will help a child make correct and effective decisions. Decision-making skills will improve the child’s ability to cope with other problems and make quick decisions.

Improves memory

In addition to learning new shapes and colors, children also learn about different patterns and shapes. Some crafts require visualizing complex designs, and the habit of visualizing and remembering complex designs will help your child improve memory.

Craftsmanship teaches flexibility

Most manual jobs can be accomplished in more than one way. So unlike math, where you don’t have the flexibility, trades teach students that they can achieve the same result through a different method. This will help them in real life, where they are continually faced with situations with multiple possibilities.

Talk About Art and Craft with Your Child

In addition to creation and artistic expression as such, there is another activity with which adults can help children get closer to art and understand it. When creating their own work, children explore the world around them, but they can also discover it in the works of others or in nature itself, which can pave the way for them to appreciate art as part of their life.

Very few people continue to make art when they grow up, but the love of art is an achievement and a pleasure that lasts a lifetime. 

kids playing with blocks

Exchanging views on what we see in museums, on the street or in nature itself is an easy way for the child to acquire an emerging knowledge base on which to develop a future hobby. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • One must try to make the child feel comfortable and safe when expressing his opinions, as with them he will reveal something very personal.
  • Familiarize the child with the museums and art galleries in his city or near his home.
  • Help you to collect illustrations and reproductions of works of art. They can be purchased at gift shops, stationeries, and museum bookstores. They can also be cut outs from magazines, brochures, or newspaper art sections.
  • Observe art in nature. Discuss changes in light during the day or at different seasons of the year and their effect on the objects we see with the child You can also explain the impressions on the shapes, color and texture of plants, trees or rocks, etc. Children are born observers and if they are helped to think about what they see from an aesthetic perspective they will not only learn to value art, but also nature that inspires them.


The benefits of arts and crafts extend to all spheres of life and make children better equipped to meet the challenges that life presents. In addition, art and crafts to do at home allow you to have a good time with the little ones in the house. There are also many art and craft kits available. It helps them in their physical and mental development, make them have fun and improve communication between the family, even make a daily activity an educational resource!

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