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Alphabet Sensory Mat

Alphabet Sensory Mat

Sensory development is an essential part of childhood development. Introducing children to letters at an early age is equally important. When you combine these components you can create an activity that is not only fun but will help develop crucial early literacy skills and a positive feeling towards learning. Today we are sharing with you alphabet sensory mat idea that you can easily create at home

Materials required:( For making the mat)

  1. A4 size sheets
  2. Colored Markers
  3. Glue 
  4. Suji /sand/pulses/sugar/salt
  5. Colored charts of animals, birds, fruits ,vegetables and flowers


  1. Take an A4 size sheet and write a letter using a marker .
  2. Stick pictures of those animals,birds,fruits, vegetables and flowers whose names start with the letter you have written.

And we are ready with the mat !

It will look like this

The objectives of Alphabet Sensory Mat are:

  1. Recognize letter and its sound. 
  2. Associate letter to picture.
  3.  Develop fine motor skills.
  4.  Enhance eye-hand coordination. 
  5. Helps in letter formation.

Procedure to use :

  1. Ask the child to pick a sensory mat. 
  2. Then, ask him/her to paste glue and
  3. Sprinkle Suji/sand/pulses/sugar/salt on the letter to create texture.
  4. Next , ask him/her to identify the letter, pictures and finger trace the letters.

We are sure that we will have a sweet time playing and learning with this Alphabet Sensory Mat with your toddler.

To know more about Alphabet Sensory Mat please check this


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