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Why You Should Buy Aeroplane Toys for Kids

Why You Should Buy Aeroplane Toys for Kids

Aeroplane Toys for Kids

I Wanna Be Everything at Once!

My son has a new ambition this week – he wants to be a pilot when he grows up! It keeps changing every few weeks. Last week it was to be a doctor and before that, a plumber – because he loves playing with water and thinks that’s what plumbing is all about! It’s exciting to see what ambition our little dreamers plan to take on next but I think, as parents, we should encourage their curiosity. So I thought to myself why not get him one of those aeroplane toys for kids to take his curiosity to the next level! But would he play with it for any longer than 2 days? Absolutely NOT! But it could be worth a try!

He has had a couple of small flying aeroplane toys for kids when he was a toddler. But they didn’t do much. So instead of looking for regular aircraft toys, I began to search for model aircraft toys. Something that would keep him engaged in mindful play and also learn a thing or two about how aeroplanes work or how they are made. Something that wouldn’t just inform him about how an aircraft takes flight, but also give him a chance to experience it himself. 

Aeroplane Toys for Kids Fuel Cognitive Development

aeroplane toys for kids boosts cognitive development

Almost all aeroplane toys for kids that I found online catered to the cognitive skill development of kids. To understand any concept, learning the ‘why’ and ‘how’ is extremely important and my son is anyway a walking bank of questions! So I chose an aeroplane toy for my son which had majorly these two characteristics :

  • Critical Thinking – The idea and execution behind an aeroplane taking flight in the sky is portrayed through these aeroplane toys for kids. It engages the child to think independently and seek for answers all by themselves. 
  • Problem Solving – We experiment with so many things in life and each one of them have something or the other to teach us. To encourage my son to not only identify a problem but also to find a solution for it, these aeroplane toys for kids could be a great start!

Hands-On Learning with Model Aircraft Toys for Kids

Hands-on learning through aeroplane toys for kids

“Play is the highest form of research.”

– Albert Einstein 

This quote was brought to life when I saw my son engage in different kinds of activities with the remote control aeroplane toy. While most aeroplane toys for kids would require to be flown around going “weeeee” by the kids, this one was different. Reading the manual and performing activities as explained step by step gave him the opportunity to learn by applying the knowledge he gained on his own. Fun, learning, engaging, practical, scientific – aircraft toys for kids are a full package! 

My kid’s patience and attention span both are declining way too fast. Theoretical knowledge gets erased from his memory easily and he keeps going back to the concept for a quick recall. But with the help of the model aircraft toy, I noticed a change. After just a single attempt he was able to make the aeromodel without the guide! I think learning hands-on really helped him retain what he learnt by applying the knowledge to something tangible. 

Here is What He Learnt From the Model Aircraft Toy

Apart from learning and playing independently, here is a list of things he learnt about planes from the aircraft toy :

  • Different parts of an aircraft 
  • Types of surface controllers of an aeroplane
  • Application of these surface controllers
  • The basic use and application of a foam glider
  • Instructions to make a foam glider with the given tools
  • How an aircraft takes flight 
  • Art of balancing an aircraft with equal weight distribution on both sides of the wing

Parts of an aeroplane model toy for kids

Watching my kid engage in activities that interest him really encourages me to do more to fulfill his ambitions. In fact he got so hooked to this model aircraft that next he wishes to build and operate balsa glider aeroplane toys for kids! If this type of learning brings him even a little closer to his ambitions, I would definitely help him achieve his dreams!

What is your child dreaming of becoming in the future? Share with us!

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