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Importance Of Creative Thinking And Imagination In Preschoolers

Importance Of Creative Thinking And Imagination In Preschoolers

Creative Thinking


Creative Thinking

Empirical evidence from researchers across the globe depicts that the foundation of child skill development lay down at the early stages of childhood. Every parent wants to make the learning worthwhile by involving them in brain activities for kids. When they want it to be worthwhile, creativity and imagination will be the major contributors to making it happen. Nowadays children are unable to take out time from the day-to-day pressure to look out at the window to dream or imagine. It might not appear a serious issue to many parents out there, but it is.

The role of parents in child development is crucial as they should involve them in different activities. If your toddlers don’t set time aside for creative and imaginative thinking processes, their thinking ability will stagnate. This will limit their cognitive abilities and prevent them from dreaming, imagining, or thinking creatively. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of creative thinking for toddlers, as well as how parents may help develop them.

What Is Creative Thinking And Imagination?


We can define Creativity and Imagination as how an individual develops a thought or an idea that is latest, appealing, and functional. This particular term communicates itself in multiple ways. You can understand this taking these examples into consideration-

  • Graphic designers create brilliant logos.
  • Lawyers develop out-of-the-box strategies to defend their clients.
  • Photographers capture extraordinary frames when they are out in the field.
  • Product designers solve difficult problems with their innovative products.

By looking at all the examples that have been mentioned above you must be wondering if creative thinking is only restricted to these professions only, but this is not true. Every profession including whatever profession your toddlers may opt for in the future requires creative thinking skills. These skills are sole the reason for bringing innovation and progress in the work.

Types of Creative Thinking

Types of Creative Thinking

The well-renowned author and psychologist Edward de Bono stated that creativity is basically meant to come out or break the established thinking pattern to look at the world in a different way. There are different ways of creative thinking, let’s go deeper

Divergent Thinking – This type of thinking means to search different perspectives with flexibility and fluency so that you can find the solution to the problem.

Lateral Thinking – In this type of thinking, people expand their boundaries and come up with something out of the box, by avoiding clichés.

Aesthetic Thinking – This type of thinking is basically a way of visual thinking where the usage of structure, color, and composition is done to achieve aesthetic beauty.

Systems Thinking – In this is a type of thinking practice, we intercept things from a 360-degree angle. You may use toys for active kids that enhance their system thinking.

Inspirational Thinking -This is a type of thinking pattern which is inspired by great personalities and inspirational thoughts and views.

Abstract Thinking -This type of thinking pattern involves objects, principles, and experiences that might not be physically and materialistically present.

Design Thinking – In this type of thinking pattern, we usually apply strategy, problem-solving skills, and decision-making in the process of designing.


Toys for active kids

These are the following activities for your kids that will enhance their creative and imaginative thinking –

1. You should give more attention to the strong points of your toddlers and try to incorporate them into their life.

2. You should try to explore thoughts, expressions, and involve them in brain activities for kids to find out the purity, freshness, and spontaneity of their expression.

3. Make your child sit in the natural seating and set their mind free to imagine and explore.

4. Make your kids curious and inquisitive about their surroundings.

5. Support your toddlers to take risks in their life and push their limits.

6. Make your kids block the negative thoughts running in their minds. Stopping these thoughts is essential to make them creative and imaginative.

7. Inspire your toddlers to brainstorm and come up with unique and different ideas

8. Make your toddler believe that there can be multiple solutions for a single problem, so they always keep their horses of mind running.


Important Benefits of Creative Thinking

These are the following 5 important benefits of creative thinking and imagination that have been listed below-


In this world of digitalization, technology has taken over a lot many responsibilities and tasks of humans. Whether we talk about a robot clicking pictures or the other jobs of the industry that have been taken over by automation. One thing which is above all is that creativity and imagination are irreplaceable. Try to boost your toddlers to explore their creative skills and problem-solving skills as they are indispensable.


You must have noticed how creative and imaginative toddlers are. The fact behind this must have been their unawareness about the boundaries of the world. Set your kids’ thought process free and let them flexibly explore the other perspectives of life.


Creative thinking and imagination are the two important factors in making an individual a perfect problem solver. The foundation of these factors must be given to the toddlers from the early stage so that they can think from a 360-degree angle.


To be a great leader it is important to boost your creative and imaginative thinking, as leaders always require coming with extraordinary ideas to stand out from the crowd.


The major importance of creative thinking and imagination is it enhances the productivity of toddlers and makes them happier and more positive.


Creative thinking and Imagination are the foundation factors of child development. The role of parents in child development is crucial. We hope that through this blog we are very well able to explain to you what basically the term creative thinking and imagination means and why it is important to be built in the toddlers for a better future.

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