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5 Math Project Ideas That Will Increase Your Child’s Quick Thinking Skills

5 Math Project Ideas That Will Increase Your Child’s Quick Thinking Skills

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Are you wondering how to decide on a fun yet not too complex math project idea for kids? Look no further. As parents, we know that the best way to learn something is to do it through activity. We have selected the top 5 math project ideas that are fun to do, no matter the child’s age.

Top 5 Math Project Ideas

Learning the History of Maths in India:

To master a subject, it’s essential to learn about its history and origin. India has a country that has been the birthplace of many famous mathematical equations, formulas as well as mathematicians.

Did you know that Indian mathematician and astronomer Brahmagupta is often credited for discovering the number zero? He also introduced the rules for solving quadratic equations. Historical texts dating back as far as the Vedic period show India having an understanding of the number system, especially the powers of ten. Learning about the history of maths in India can be a great math project for class 6.

Managing Household Budget:

budgeting is one of the most useful math project ideas

If we are talking about maths project ideas that are useful for children and parents, the first thing that comes to mind is budgeting. That’s right,  managing the household budget along with parents can be a great math project for kids. Budgeting is a skill that a kid will need throughout his adulthood, whether during college or when they have their own family. And there is also the hidden perk of kids reducing food wastage after seeing firsthand how much fruits and vegetables actually cost.

Formula Competition:

Math kits can be used for one or more math project ideas

Formula competition is a math project for class 7 students. It’s the age when they are just starting to learn algebra, and what better time to memorize the fundamental formulas. The project is ideal for more than one child. After completing their list of formulas, they can have healthy competition on who remembers the most number. Furthermore, formulas can be tricky because each grade adds newer ones to the list. Thus it’s crucial to start learning them as young as possible. A child with a good grasp of math formulas can solve equations as soon as they see them. You can organize the competition with help of educational kits or toys.

Making a Real Life Map of Neighbourhood:

Math project ideas involve making a map of the neighbourhood

So what does a math project idea about creating a map looks like? This math project for class 8 involves measuring the distance, perimeter, and area of your neighborhood areas. A child can calculate the distance between their house and the nearest shop,  the speed a car needs to cover that distance, the diameter of a neighboring football field, or even the area of their house. This math project idea involves applying mathematical concepts a kid learned in class and using it in real life. If going out is not possible, you can easily do the activity inside the house. Simply replace shops and fields with the kitchen and dining room.

Puzzle Solving Competition:

Lastly, riddles and puzzles is a math project idea that applies to students of all ages. Math puzzles are the quickest way to develop problem-solving skills in kids. Puzzles can be in the form of booklets, toys, or even activity boxes. Math puzzles make students use their planning and critical thinking skills, preparing them for a better understanding of not only the complicated concepts involved but any topic in general. Some common math puzzle activities are secret messages, finding a way out of a maze, word finder, riddles, and guessing the operation. You can also motivate your child by assigning small prizes for each of the quizzes.


While coming up with math project ideas, one thing to remember is to keep Fun as the main element. Learning math becomes ten times easier when a kid is having fun. So which math project idea is the most appealing to you. Let us know in the comment below.

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