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20 Best Educational Toys for Kids

20 Best Educational Toys for Kids

educational toys for toddlers


We live in a Goldilocks period of education. No time has ever been so perfect for converging education with fun. Someone somewhere has discovered that children are very receptive and responsive when ‘study’ is combined with ‘play.’ and what other play is better for a child than playing with educational toys?

Everything from hand-eye coordination to mathematics can be learned/practiced with toys. While this is good news for most parents, it is also overwhelming. There is an ocean of toys out there, and the failure to make a shrewd decision of what to gift our kids for our education shall have negative consequences. Each child is different from the other, so the list below is subjective, but it helps in knowing what the most favorable educational toys for kids are.

Best educational toys for kids

20 Educational Toys For Kids

1) Baby walkers: One of the happiest human experiences: seeing our baby taking her first step. This is bested only when the baby utters their first word. And baby walkers are the oldest toy in the making. A baby walker will help the child transform from quadrupedal to bipedal in a safe manner.

baby boy In Walker

2) Cup toys: This helps children develop hand-eye coordination. Grabbing a big cup and putting the little one inside the big one will make the child sprout logical reasoning as well. And these toys are colorful, so children would want to grab them and play with them whenever they are idle.

3) Phonics toys: There are many types of phonics toys there. The best one is the toy which helps the children learn alphabets. The chirpy music accompanying every time a child presses a button makes it more attractive to the little minds.

4) Banks: Piggy banks or similar toys occupy are one of the most nostalgic memories for us. Not only does this help the kid develop hand-eye coordination, but it also ingrains the importance of saving in the kid’s mind.

5) Count and learn jar: Similar to piggy banks in dropping coins in slits, this serves a different purpose. Each coin is marked with a number, and playing with these helps the kids in developing basic arithmetic skills.

6) Musical toys: Every important instrument, from piano to xylophone, is available for children. If a child has the inborn talent for music, this will help the little musical geniuses find their tone and greatly impact their future goals and careers.

Educational toy for kids and toddlers

7) Building-Blocks sets: Simulate the little engineer in your kid! These toys help develop motor skills and also the ability to use reasoning to construct objects, which will highly influence their future in a very positive way.

8) Mallets and pegs: These toys will strengthen the child’s bones and develop a strong sense of cause and effect. Every time a child hits the peg bench with a mallet, music and smiley faces appear, making the child want for more.

9) Musical Rhymes: Electronic educational toys with pre-recorded rhymes, it helps children learn different nursery songs. The fun blinking lights and music attracts children towards it, making them spend more time learning than they ever would in a conventional classroom.

10) Sewing kit: Its one of the best educational toys for kids that makes them more creative and disciplined. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but when a kid finally does, a lot can be learned from a sewing kit. Not just the skills but also patience.

11) Spelling: Educational toys like this are responsible for developing their literacy apart from the ability for problem-solving. Similar to Phonics toys, this one can help kids get acclimated to words and letters even before going to school.

12) Shape Sorters: Shapes and utilizing spaces can be learned with these educational toys. Different shaped objects are inserted into the slot-shaped like the objects. Once the kid gains the proficiency to use this toy, he/she can understand shapes better.

Sweet Child Playing With Plastic Blocks

13) Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog: The colorful spikes stuck to a happy-looking animal makes the kids want to play with this. This helps them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

14) Wooden Barrel puzzle: It helps the kids learn the idea of cause and effect, also teaching them critical thinking and patience.

15) Fishing Set: It is quite simple. Kids pick a fish from the pad, then take the fishing rod and try to catch the fish they picked from the card. It improves memory and concentration.

16) Talking Microscope: For the scientific minds among us, this microscope comes with a dozen ‘bug’ samples that kids can scrutinize up close and examine, making them interested in other scientific equipment eventually.

17) PLAYAUTOMA Explore World: It is a map for kids. Each country is marked with its identifying tourist attraction, making the kids remember not just the diverse cultures but also the geographical positions.

18) Art and Craft Science Kit: This toy is ideal for kids who show interest in space. It also includes a Kaleidoscope, among other tools that engage kids to learn through play.

children using different colours in art class

19) My Chemistry Lab: This one of the good place to start for kids who show promises to be scientists. This safe and tested equipment helps kids learn basic chemical reactions like osmosis and evaporation and has proved to be one of the best among all the educational toys till date

20) Sparklebox Robotics Kits: These kits come with electronic and mechanical parts of the robot to assemble and make your own Robo-toy. We have Robots that will walk, climb a rope and planes that you can fly!


While the list above can in no way encompass all the educational toys out there, it will give you the gist of how creative the toy makers are in helping kids learn through fun. Try to learn your kid’s interests and then get them the toy that will keep them engaged. It not only makes them smarter but might also build a solid foundation for their future careers.

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